I have been looking to buy some new headphones for a while now, and I decided to get the Beats Studio by Dr. Dre because of their popularity and awesome looks. These headphones come in white, grey, and black, and they have very attractive red logos that don’t stand out too much and are very classy.

You can also see the Beats logo on the outside of the earpiece. I purchased these in the color black, but they also come in white or grey if you prefer those colors instead of black, although it may be slightly cheaper if you buy them in black since they are more expensive than the other colors.

Beats Studio Buds

What we like about Beats Studio

Beats has always made high-quality headphones, and its latest pair is no exception. For example, with noise-canceling turned on (which it will do automatically when you connect via Bluetooth) we were able to reduce outside noise by about 15 decibels.

And when you’re not listening to music through them, they are said to be comfortable as regular earbuds that fit into your ears. Plus, these headphones have a sleek design that will look good whether you’re wearing them during your workouts or just going for a run in your neighborhood.

While we love these wireless buds for their high-quality sound and clear calls, we do wish that they came with higher battery life. The Beats Studio Wireless has an advertised battery life of 12 hours—which isn’t bad—but most wireless earbuds on our list have at least 18 hours of power before you need to charge again.

Although this is still great compared to other wired options out there today, we were hoping for more from Beats considering its price tag. Other than its short battery life, it’s hard to find anything wrong with these headphones if audio quality is what matters most to you in your earbuds! We’ve also got a full video review below if you’d like even more info on why we loved using Beats’ new flagship pair!

The Pros of Beats Studio

If you’re looking for a pair of over-ear headphones that deliver crystal clear sound quality, Beats Studio has what you need. Featuring advanced Apple technology with inline remote and mic functionality, these studio-quality headphones are perfect for taking calls or simply enjoying your favorite tunes.

Additionally, with no batteries required (thanks to their built-in rechargeable battery), Beats Studios let you listen as long as you want. Overall, these professional-quality headphones are a great choice for those who love to rock out on a daily basis.

The only real con of Beats Studios is that they’re a bit more expensive than some other wireless headphones out there. So, if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line product without spending too much, you might be better off investing in a pair of earbuds.

The Cons of Beats Studio

As with any product, Beats by Dre Studio headphones aren’t perfect. A common complaint is that they are a bit uncomfortable, particularly for larger heads and ears. Also, as with any in-ear headphones, listening to music at high volumes can be damaging to your hearing if you do it for long periods of time; and Beats by Dre headphones are no exception to that rule.

Overall, if you’re on a budget, there are better-sounding options available—if sound quality is most important to you but you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for earbuds or headphones.

Final thoughts on the headphones

The Beats Studio wireless buds are a great pair of headphones for on-the-go use. The carrying case is solid and has enough space to hold additional cables, too. All in all, it’s an excellent buy. We highly recommend them.

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