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Discovering what’s fresh and trending on the internet may best be done at Reddit, which has quickly become the major spot for this purpose. It loads very quickly, is constantly updated, and in every way lives up to the name “first page of the Internet.”

The realm of the Internet, the technological sector, the entertainment industry, innovative innovations, politics, and Reddit’s most celebrated AMAs with prominent personalities are what fuel the site’s massive readership. In addition, maintaining one’s anonymity makes it easier for everyone to engage in open and honest conversations about a myriad of subjects.

It provides a forum in which everyone may take part and discuss a variety of themes, as well as give their perspectives on a variety of issues, and so on.

Reddit, on the other hand, has been seeing a drop as of late, and a large number of users are quitting the service for a variety of reasons. All of these individuals are searching for alternative websites that are comparable to Reddit and where they may begin having talks that are analogous to Reddit in order to slake their desire for meaningful debates. If you have decided to cancel your Reddit account and are seeking alternatives, the following list will provide you with ten of the top Reddit alternatives that you may check out.

Reddit is one of the most useful websites on the internet since it can be used for a variety of reasons; nevertheless, its primary function is to provide users with a forum in which they can discuss various subjects, pose questions, and offer answers. However, if there is one thing Reddit is renowned for, it is the level of moderation that can be found in some subreddit communities, and this is one of the primary reasons why most users are seeking a website that is comparable to Reddit.

We’ve chosen to compile a list of the top websites that are similar to Reddit in this article that you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow. You’ll be able to browse the internet, exchange information, upload photographs and videos, and engage in spontaneous conversations with other users, just as you do on Reddit when you utilize these websites.

A List of the Best Alternative Websites to Reddit That Can Be Found Online

When it comes to information, Reddit may be used for a variety of purposes, as was previously described. The same is true of the websites that are listed further down in this article. Let’s now have a look at some of the greatest alternatives to Reddit that are currently available.


Best reddit alternatives

There are a lot of similarities between Hive and Reddit in terms of the user interface and the user experience. Sometimes Hive is regarded as a Reddit clone, which is why that can be said to be true. Although they are not the same, you’ll find similarities between Hive and Reddit. For example, users on both platforms have the ability to upvote and downvote content, and Hive is home to a variety of different communities.

Hive is one of the greatest websites that are similar to Reddit. It is a website that allows for a variety of different conversations to take place, and its regulations are not as stringent as those that are found on Reddit. You may always utilize Hive as an alternative to Reddit if you’re searching for a place to hold other kinds of talks online.


You may find that Steemit, a website recognized as a platform where users can share material on a variety of topics, comments can be made, and upvotes and downvotes can be given on content that has been submitted, is a suitable replacement for your usage of Reddit. Steemit is a website powered by blockchain technology in which users who create posts have the opportunity to earn bitcoin based on the activity that occurs on their posts.

Steemit is extremely popular, and it has a number of unique characteristics all its own. One of the drawbacks of Steemit is that it might be difficult to gain responses on every post that is posted on Steemit. However, if the material becomes rated, there will be a lot of comments as well as upvotes and downvotes.

Hacker News

Best 10 alternatives to Reddit

Users of Hacker News, a website that is entirely distinct from Reddit, are permitted to submit a variety of links to content that is related to informative themes. This website is not affiliated with Reddit in any way. You may share a link to your website and instantly receive a link back to your site from other users, and all of the links that are placed on Hacker News are always connected to technology-related subjects.

There is also a comment box on each post that you make, and other users have the ability to upvote or downvote any posts that you make when you create them. Through the comments area, you may also connect with people who use the site.


Best 10 alternatives to Reddit

Quora is more of a competitor to Yahoo! Answers than it is to Reddit, but it has proven to be an excellent forum for intellectual discussions that have developed from nothing more than a basic query.

On the website Quora, individuals are able to post questions for other members of the community to answer if they believe they are knowledgeable enough about the subject.

You have the option of continuing to ask questions and having those questions answered by professionals, or you may write the answers yourself if you have a lot of knowledge about the subject.

You need just choose the subjects that are of interest to you, and you will then be sent all of the questions and inquiries that are associated with those themes. You may then opt to answer as many or as few of those questions as you like.

Your knowledge in the community will improve as a result of your participation in answering queries. It is possible for you to follow other experts and also for others to follow you.

Quora provides its users with access to an entire community in which they are able to engage in intellectual and constructive conversations with their contemporaries without having to contend with any spammy posts.


One of the most well-known and well-liked communities available. 4Chan is an imageboard that enables its users to publish photos on the boards of their choosing and also enables them to write comments on the images shared by other users.

There is no requirement for users to create an account in order to write comments or share photographs on the boards they follow. You do not need to create an account in order to take part in the communities that you find most interesting.

There are discussion forums on 4Chan devoted to virtually any topic imaginable, including but not limited to music, video games, movies, technology, Japanese anime, and other things.

The forum also features an adult section, in which members can post content that is inappropriate for younger viewers (NSFW).

When publishing your material, you have the ability to maintain your anonymity by posting under whatever name you want. In general, it’s a good Reddit alternative for pretty much everything you’re interested in learning more about.


Product Hunt is precisely what its name suggests: it is the search for the best items that are currently on the market.

Product Hunt provides the absolute best of everything, from the most incredible games to the most cutting-edge and innovative technological advancements. You are able to acquire a list of excellent items in the technological industry, including the greatest website designs, the best mobile applications, the most popular games, and a great deal more.

Individuals are able to compile their own lists and make them available to the public. On this website, you may either remark on the things that other users have made or make something of your own to share with the other users.

People within the community communicate fascinating technological information with one another, making it possible for all participants to weigh in with their thoughts on the technology at hand.

Product Hunt is the ideal location to look for the next great thing in the technological world if you are interested in finding something new, whether it be a mobile application or simply a simple game. If this sounds interesting to you, then keep reading.

Mix (FKA) Stumbleupon

The “mix” is the finest software to use if you want to uncover wonderful content that has been uploaded by people from all around the world. If you are interested in finding the most recent and best content that can be found on the internet, then you should go no further than Mix.

It was once known as “StumbleUpon,” and it is now a part of Mix. It assists you in accidentally discovering some incredible stuff that has been contributed by a variety of individuals.

On the website, users may contribute a variety of news items, articles, discoveries, and other types of information, and the mobile app displays all of the content that is provided. The Mix mobile app and the Mix browser plugin both make all of this content available for browsing.

To tell you the truth, Mix is rather distinctive in comparison to Reddit. On the other hand, if you are seeking a selection of websites and articles to visit online that has been chosen by users, is most likely one of the greatest websites for doing so.


Imgur is not quite the same thing as a forum like Reddit. Imgur is the place to go, though, if you are primarily seeking a source of photographs that appears to be practically unlimited in scope.

In point of fact, the majority of picture links on Reddit are hosted on Imgur. You won’t have any trouble locating whatever it is that you’re looking for on this website since it functions in much the same way as a database that stores photographs of various kinds.

Imgur is a website that hosts a wide variety of photographs, including those relating to sports, pieces of technology, and even memes.

Imgur does not have a function that is analogous to the subreddits that are found on Reddit; however, it does offer tags that are used to aggregate photographs. You will be able to browse tags for a variety of topics like food, cats, pets, and more.


We have not lost sight of the fact that there are nerds out there. You should save Slashdot as a bookmark in your web browser if you’re seeking an alternative to Reddit to keep up with the most recent developments in the technological world.

Slashdot compiles the most recent technological news from thousands of independent sources; without it, discovering and reading individual news stories would require visiting several websites.

Slashdot simplifies the process of obtaining the most recent news for everybody and everyone. Simply going to this one website will allow you to immediately get the most recent technological news from one hundred various sources, all in one convenient location.

After that, you will have the opportunity to voice your opinion about the aforementioned story by participating in subsequent debates and comments.


Although it may not compete directly with Reddit in every way, it is without a doubt the most hilarious location on the whole internet.

9Gag began as a straightforward website where users could post online memes and humorous photographs just for the sake of garnering chuckles. More lately, though, the website has evolved into a sizable community of fascinating individuals. Users have begun submitting helpful items and stuff that are worthy of debate, which has the effect of sparking a significant amount of conversation in the comment area.

In point of fact, the comments area is much more hilarious than the original posts themselves. If you need a place to blow off some steam and laugh till your stomach hurts, 9Gag is exactly where you should be.

9Gag has introduced a large number of new sections in order to appeal to users who have a wide variety of interests. Everyone can find something that appeals to them out there.

The last words

In conclusion, if you’re looking for Reddit alternatives, these are the greatest ones you can utilize.

Although the activities that can be done on these websites may not be as extensive as those that can be done on Reddit, they nevertheless have similar qualities, and you may utilize these websites if you would want to try out various kinds of experiences on informational websites in addition to Reddit.

All of these sites that are similar to Reddit are excellent substitutes, and if you are truly interested in discovering something new, then you will most certainly find that these sites are of great assistance to you.

Ps: We hope you found this article helpful. If you know of any other websites that are comparable to Reddit, please share the URLs of those sites with us in the comments section below.

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