The advancement of technology has brought us many innovative and convenient solutions. Among these tools, a broad scope of writing assistance has emerged, which allows rewriting content in various formations.

AI technology is powering these tools to make them capable of writing blog posts, marketing content, and even academic content. With the help of Natural Language Processing, AI writing tools provide unique and readable content which meets the persona of readers or targeted audience.

But there are numerous options to choose from for a tool and it may take you hours to try the features of each one of them. Therefore, we have reviewed the 11 best AI writing tools of 2022 which can fulfill your requirements.

Best AI Writing Tools of 2022


Best AI Writing Tools of 2022

If you need an AI writing tool, Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis AI) is your best bet. It produces some of the best output for various types of content, such as listicles and short copy snippets.
It’s simple to use, and nothing compares to its long-form assistant.

⦁ Fantastic features and templates
⦁ Despite its complexity, it is simple to use.
⦁ A long-term assistant is a huge asset.
⦁ You need to spend some cost.
⦁ The output is not always of the highest quality.


Rytr is not as visually appealing as Jasper AI, Copy AI, or other competitors.
It can also be perplexing when first opened.
If you’re looking for the best output and templates, you won’t find them here either.
Sounds like a poor choice? It isn’t. If you need AI writing software, Rytr is a great low-cost option. Let’s go deeper.
⦁ Affordable in price.
⦁ Simple interface.
⦁ Multiple language support.
⦁ The output could be improved.
⦁ It can be perplexing at first.

Copy Ai

Copy AI uses the same technology as Rytr and Jasper AI: GPT-3. It also includes numerous templates, editing tools, and a grammar checker.
It’s marketed as a great way to help you get over writer’s block, and that’s true. When writers are stumped, Copy AI can use machine learning to assist them in creating content.
⦁ Over 90 templates
⦁ Assists with writer’s block
⦁ Excellent user interface and experience
⦁ The quality of the content is hit or miss.
⦁ There is no long-form assistant.


Writesonic may be the best option for you if you write a lot of marketing copy and want to automate it.
There are numerous templates available for this purpose. It can be used to create anything from a LinkedIn profile description to ad copy for Facebook or Google.

⦁ Excellent templates for a short-form copy.
⦁ Long-term assistance is available.
⦁ Reasonably priced.
⦁ Some output has grammatical errors.
⦁ A cluttered user interface.


ContentBox.AI is not as complicated as the other tools on this list. It lacks support for dozens of languages and a plethora of extras.
However, it can generate decent content and is very good at content optimization using AI.
⦁ Excellent tools for content optimization.
⦁ Basic AI content generation tools.
⦁ Browser add-ons.
⦁ Somehow expensive.
⦁ Basic AI generation suite.
⦁ There are very few templates.

Frase IO

Frase IO’s AI content generation will not astound anyone. However, it brings more to the table, including topic research, SERP analysis, and a deep dive into what people are asking about a specific keyword.
So, let’s see what it’s capable of.
⦁ Excellent research tools
⦁ All-in-one content creation application
⦁ Features that aid in content optimization
⦁ A little pricey.
⦁ The interface can be perplexing.
⦁ Attempts to do too many things at once.


GrowthBar is an AI assistant that specializes in SEO.
It has standard tools for helping you write content, metadata, and so on.
GrowthBar also has a plethora of features that assist you in researching keywords, competitors, topics, and other important SEO information.
⦁ Basic competitor and keyword research
⦁ Effective content optimization tools
⦁ Quite affordable
⦁ Basic SEO features
⦁ AI writing assistant is a hit-or-miss proposition.


This tool can provide assistance if you’re seeking human-level professionalism in paraphrasing. This tool’s NLP technology supports four different writing modes in more than ten languages.
The best thing about this tool is that it maintains the original meaning of the context without causing plagiarism. You can choose to paraphrase complete articles or a few sentences, and the precision is guaranteed despite the length.
⦁ Allows to paraphrase up to 1000 words for free.
⦁ Option to upload and download the text file.
⦁ Supports over 16 different languages.
⦁ As a free user, you can only use two writing modes.


If you don’t want to wait minutes for content to generate and don’t want to break the bank, Grammarly might be the solution you’re looking for.
It’s a simple tool, but it focuses on delivery speed.
⦁ Rapid output.
⦁ The tool is simple.
⦁ There are numerous templates available.
⦁ There are no special features.
⦁ You need to pay for the
premium version.


It’s artificial intelligence writing software with all the usual bells and whistles — templates, multi-language support, and so on.
But it goes a step further: it provides dedicated support for engaging the audience with AI-generated content.
Let us see how it goes.
⦁ Special features to keep your audience interested
⦁ The interface is simple and quick
⦁ Simple to use
⦁ It is quite expensive.
⦁ All of the cool features are very expensive.


(Not to be confused with, which is an SEO firm)
Outranking generates AI content using a data-driven approach.
It accomplishes this through a well-defined workflow that guides you through SERP analysis, SEO scoring, and AI writing assistance.
⦁ Effective keyword research.
⦁ Optimizer of content.
⦁ Data-driven strategy.
⦁ Not the best AI choice.
⦁ The user interface can become cluttered.


For content creators who want to experiment with new styles or topics without worrying about the quality of their articles, the best AI writing assistants are a game changer.
Content creation is a massive task, and an AI writer can relieve some of the pressure if you’re struggling to meet deadlines.

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