In today’s digital age, it’s no surprise that there are hundreds of dubstep apps out there. From beat-making apps to bass-heavy music apps, the world of dubstep apps has exploded over the last few years.

In this article, we showed you the Best Dubstep App for Android

The downside to this explosion of growth and creativity, however, is that it can be difficult to find the best dubstep app for your particular need or preference.

To help you out with this dilemma, we’ve put together this list of the best dubstep apps available on the Android market today. Here they are!

Drumpad Machine

As I mentioned, there’s a huge variety of music-making apps out there. These are designed to help you create beats and tunes with an intuitive interface.

This one has garnered some rave reviews, so it’s worth checking out if you want to get into beat-making on your phone or tablet.

You can easily sample from your music library and play around with different patterns, all with just one finger.

There are also great-sounding samples included that really give your tunes a professional touch—even if you’re not a pro at making beats.

Given the fact that there are tons of free dubstep music-making software on the market, this particular app still stands out.

Its developer made Drum Pad Machine to be a music production app that can cater to beginning musicians. You only need to use a few finger clicks.

The DJ console gives its users plenty of opportunities to create original and exciting tunes that span a variety of genres.

More experienced users also use this tool to come up with fresh music for their tracks.

It has a feature that lets you record vocals with created beats, and is mostly used by people in beatboxing. Once you finish making a song using this dubstep app, you can share it with your friends.


Best Dubstep App for Android

To start off as a DJ, you can’t jump in as an expert at music production, Groovepad is an app that helps beginners learn more about music production.

It’s got an easy-to-use interface and, even better, it’s beautiful to look at.
A music mixer can do many different things on this app, including searching through a library of various types of music.

All users can find within the library are genres like electro-dance, hip-hop, and trap.
People who like to make and share music may find a lot of uses for this app, but for a price.

The free version is great but contains a lot of ads that can get in the way of what you’re doing.
You can pay $4.99 to get rid of these ads and enjoy what is likely one of the best DJ apps out there.

Dubstep Pads

For an awesome mix of dubstep and pads, look no further than Dubstep Pads. With over 5 million downloads, you’ll get an amazing selection of dubstep tracks to choose from.

And for free? Yes, please! It’s a collection worth checking out. But if you’re not into dubstep or if dubstep’s aren’t your thing, then look away; there are other apps on our list as well.

As such, this app is an example of the best dubstep music production app for Android. Anyone of any musical skill level can use it to create new beats for remixing songs.

Most users comment that its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use.
The developer offers a variety of features within this music-producing app.

They enable users to record their voice and insert it into the instrumental. With a total of 90 realistic samples available, this app enables multi-touch input, which enables you to do much more than just mix sounds.

Across any device, users can still interact with it and the interface will stay clear and optimized. Not only does the app allow users to create a free account, but they can also download any music from the library and share it on file-sharing platforms.

There are a lot of things that make this app great, but the best of them is the quality of sound. However, people who work with it professionally should get a license. The free version has ads and more bugs.

Dubstep Drum Pads 24

Are you looking for drum pads to make dubstep music? You’ve come to the right place. The great thing about Dubstep Drum Pads 24 is that it comes with a library of all kinds of percussive sounds, including bass drums, snare drums, cymbals, and hi-hats.

That means you can make dubstep beats without having to spend hours creating your own samples. One other feature we really like is that there are different versions of each pad so that you can adjust sounds as needed.

We also like how they’ve included a metronome so that you can keep track of your timing as well as save loops into your device and share them with friends over a Wi-Fi connection.

You will want an app that constantly has something new for you to do. Among many dubstep apps on the list, this one does just that.

Every month, a new sound pack can be obtained by users. Sound packs are normally provided alongside an app update.

Sound designers at this app have a fresh new sample available each month. This encourages users to try new creations often.

The more creative this app gets, the more you will enjoy mixing new dubstep beats. This app also comes with many samples to encourage user creativity.

The Drum Pads 24 is especially useful for people on the journey to becoming dubstep DJs. There are videos to teach basic operations of its features.

To make its tutorials easier to find, the developer uploaded them to YouTube.

We generally found that users have favorable opinions about this music app. It really helps beginners to hone their music-producing skills.

When using an Android device, certain features may not be available.

MixPads 2

MixPads is an app that allows users to create music mixes that can be shared on multiple social media platforms.

The app includes a host of different tools and features, including voice effects and a DJ mixer. When you launch MixPads 2, you’ll see two panels (an upper one titled RECORD/EFFECTS and a lower one titled MIXER).

To record your audio, simply tap on either RECORD or REPLAY. You can then add effects by tapping on VOCALS or GUITAR/BASS. After recording your vocals or instrumentals, it’s time to mix your song.

Some dubstep apps get updated and overhauled in order to improve functionality, and MixPads 2 is one of them.

The interface has seen some good improvements with the new update. The simple, accessible users have navigated through it.

The developer also removed a number of superfluous functions.
With exciting features like sound libraries and voice recordings, the app is able to create and change the tempo of songs.

Users can add reverb and delay to their mixes, and those effects are popular in this genre.
It is another app that allows data sharing.

A user can send their creations to friends who they think would like to know about them. With this app, the user is able to store the collected data onto their SD card as well.


There are a lot of dubstep apps out there but what are they? How good are they? I put together a list of the best dubstep apps you can find on android and ios! Hope it will help you find a new app to listen to dubstep with.

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