If you’re not using one of the Best Email Blast Services to promote your business and increase sales, you are missing out on a great deal of potential revenue.

However, there are so many email blast marketing services providers that it can be difficult to determine which ones are best and worth your money.

Read this article to find out which email blast marketing services provider will be the best fit for your business needs in this present day.

1) PowerInbox

PowerInbox is one of our top email blast marketing services providers and has an enormous client list.

In fact, their client list includes some of the most well-known names in business today including Amazon, CBS, and Yahoo! For businesses looking to take their email marketing efforts to a new level, PowerInbox is definitely a provider you should consider.

From crafting compelling emails to performing analytics on response rates for each campaign sent out, PowerInbox has everything your company needs to get ahead.

2) Mailgun

Pricing plans start at $25 per month and include 100 emails per day. Users can also add sending speed (100 emails per minute) for an additional $0.01 per email.

Features include automatic bounce handling, inbound tracking, delivery rate insights, and domain blocking.

Mailgun’s best-in-class support team is available around-the-clock to assist users with every aspect of their service.

3) Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is an email newsletter service that allows users to easily customize and create their own email blasts.

They also offer a variety of pre-designed templates so you can get started right away. Their pricing plans start at $9/month, or you can purchase credits in bulk for a discounted rate.

Plus, they’ll help you track how well your campaigns are doing so you know what’s working and what needs improvement.

4) SendGrid

SendGrid is a leading email-delivery platform that enables businesses to get emails from their applications and services into their customers’ inboxes at high volumes and with great reliability.

SendGrid offers web-based solutions for marketers and software developers, including APIs that allow you to programmatically manage your sending activities.

SendGrid also boasts robust, reliable reporting capabilities and a hosted web application that makes managing your account easy.

Choose between SendGrid’s monthly pricing plan or its per-email pricing plans.

5) GetResponse

They are a global provider with over 4,000 employees and offices in 22 countries. Offering a wide range of email marketing solutions as well as landing pages, webinars, and integration software.

With flexible pricing options to fit any budget and plans that start at $1/month. GetResponse offers both paid and free trial periods which make it ideal for small businesses looking to test out their email marketing solutions before making a long-term commitment.

Additionally, all of their email templates can be customized in HTML allowing you to further personalize your messages to your target audience.

Considered one of the best email blast marketing services providers by many experts.

6) Aweber

Aweber is one of, if not THE best email marketing services provider. Their system is easy to use and integrate into existing websites, making it an excellent choice for most businesses and professionals in all types of industries.

They have a high deliverability rate and there are many features that make segmenting your market easier than ever before. Aweber also has one of the best customer service teams in any industry!

7) MailChimp

MailChimp is a marketing automation and e-mail newsletter service. It is offered through a free plan (up to 2,000 subscribers) that lets users track statistics such as open rates, click-through rates, delivery reports, and campaign tracking.

The company claims more than 9 million users. Additional features include email campaigns, signup forms, subscription forms, and paid advertising.

Paid plans start at $10 per month for up to 500 subscribers or $25 per month for up to 2,000 subscribers.

In addition to its free and paid options, MailChimp offers tools for businesses including schedule send functions that allow you to delay sending mailings until specific times when you know your recipients will be online.

8) Constant Contact

With tools for everything from social media integration to newsletters, event invitations, and surveys, Constant Contact has become a staple in most professional email marketing services.

Additionally, its solid customer service record means that it can be counted on to address any issues quickly and effectively, so you’ll be back on track within minutes instead of hours or days.

If you are not using an email marketing service provider yet then consider starting with Constant Contact. You will be glad you did!

9) Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is one of our favorite email blast service providers. In addition to being very user-friendly, Campaign Monitor is an especially good choice for small and medium businesses that are just getting started with email marketing.

One particularly useful feature is its built-in social media integrations that let you know when someone’s shared your campaign across Twitter or Facebook.

But what really sets Campaign Monitor apart from competitors like MailChimp is its suite of optimization tools that help you get more signups, more clicks, and even reduce unsubscribes, all while staying under budget.

All in all, Campaign Monitor allows users to send up to 12K emails a month for free and up to 100K emails a month if they pay $9 per month. That’s not bad at all!


After spending hours on all your marketing and not having much to show for it, you can’t help but feel deflated.

You really don’t know where to turn next and as a result, you end up giving up too soon on your online marketing efforts.

Instead of quitting prematurely, try implementing email blast services into your campaigns. Although it may seem like an oversaturated market with an infinite number of players, there are a few clear winners who provide high-quality service at an affordable price; they provide instant visibility and have client retention rates that would put most large companies to shame.

There is a lot more to promoting your business in today’s market than making people aware that you exist or putting a website on every social network out there.

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