If you drive to work or school every day, gas prices can really add up and affect your wallet—especially if you’re driving long distances.

The good news is that technology has made it possible to more easily compare prices at various gas stations in your area, saving you time and money on your commute.

In this article, we showed you the Best Gas Price Apps for Android and what it delivers.

These five apps will allow you to find the best gas price and save money on your daily commute no matter where you live in the U.S.!

The Problem With Regular Gas Prices

It’s a simple fact that gas prices differ from station to station. And, if you’re like most people, you don’t have time to travel across town in search of cheap gas.

That is where apps come in! Instead of checking multiple websites or calling your local gas stations, there are dozens of applications available that bring up-to-date pricing right to your phone.

Let me save you some time and energy; here are five excellent apps that offer real-time information on nearby gas prices.

The Solution to Avoid Getting Ripped Off at the Pump

If you live in a busy area and have to commute, then you know how expensive gas can be. Everyone dreads filling up their tank and seeing a big number staring back at them.

With that said, there is an easy way to cut down on your gas bill and it’s pretty neat. If you are using Google Maps or any other navigation app to get around, make sure that gas stations are marked as one of your frequently used locations so that when it comes time to fill up, all you have to do is hit one button and directions will immediately pop up.

What are the Best Gas Price Apps for Android

Below we gave you a good list of the best gas price apps for android;


Best Gas Price Apps for Android

The first app that we’re featuring today is Waze. This GPS-based system also lets users alert other drivers of potential hazards (e.g., accidents, police radar) as well as traffic updates and delays caused by road construction or congested areas.

It is one of our favorite navigation apps because it not only provides reliable turn-by-turn directions but also gives you an in-depth look at what lies ahead so you can plan out your journey accordingly.

The new version has some useful safety features like collision alerts and speed limits, but it doesn’t yet offer in-app navigation—something that Google Maps still excels at.

This is one of the best GPS apps for Android. It also displays the prices of gas at nearby gas stations. On the downside, the app isn’t self-teaching and requires the user to search for specific pieces of information manually.

Additionally, it has some of the best navigation features of any GPS app we know of. On top of that, it features a revolving door of voice actors with great dialog that is always new and fun.

This is a good solution for cheap gas finder apps as well as GPS apps. This app works similarly to Google Maps.

Speaking of which, it’s also like Waze insofar as it finds gas prices as well. Either one is fine.

Price: Free


Best gas price apps for android

Looking to save a few bucks on your next trip to pump? Download GasBuddy, which tracks gas prices in real-time and shows you where they’re cheapest.

From San Diego to Boston, you can save up to 10¢/gal by using GasBuddy. If you’re always hitting up Costco, check out Costco Fuel Finder so you don’t waste any time looking for their gas station.

This app will show you exactly where it is so you can get back in and out as quickly as possible (it may even help cut down some shopping time).

GasBuddy is one of the most popular gas savings finder apps for Android. The app focuses on finding inexpensive gas prices.

It takes data from a variety of sources to track prices as they change often. The app has crowd-sourced support, including a badge-type rewards system for gas trackers.

Due to the GasBuddy app’s poor handling of user data, if privacy concerns you, you may want to choose a different app. It’s a shame, but it seems to be a working app nonetheless.

Price: Free


Whether you’re looking to save money or time, Drivvo will help you find a better way to commute. The app is super-easy to use and rewards users with savings of up to 20 percent at gas stations in their area.

When a commuter joins an eco-friendly commute community and shares his daily route with others, he earns points and unlocks exclusive deals from participating businesses such as free WiFi or Slurpees.

Businesses benefit by being able to offer incentives and attract new customers. Plus, drivers can learn about local attractions and events that may be happening during their ride.

To sum it up: This app helps drivers save money while they get where they need to go—and that’s what makes it one of our best gas price apps for android!

Drivvo is a neat app. It keeps track of various information like your gas mileage, total mileage, and the ability to monitor your gas spending.

Primarily created for business, the app is also an effective tool for personal use. One can find the cheapest gas stations nearby to save a few bucks and even log all the various fuel data of their car to find out how much mileage it is getting.

The Pro version comes with support for backing up to the cloud, ad-free access, and the ability to sync across devices. It’s not a bad cheaper alternative to a gas finder.

Price: Free/Premium


One of the biggest pet peeves about driving has to be that old standby, how much money are you spending on gas? It’s hard to keep track and there’s no easy way to find out.

Thankfully, Fuelio allows users to track their fuel consumption using GPS. The app actually gives recommendations based on your driving habits and can also provide an alert when your car is getting low so you don’t have to worry about filling up at a bad time.

This app will help you get great deals at both regular gas stations and convenience stores as well as help you save even more money by letting you know when there are coupons available.

Fuelio does something similar to Drivvo, namely, it keeps track of various driving metrics, including gas mileage, total mileage, and gas cost.

It tracks multiple vehicles, includes a map log and your information can be backed up to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Sygic acquired the company a while back so the app became free. As a result, it’s a great option for finding a fuel station with cheap gas and maintaining statistics of your mileage.

Price: Free


The best way to track down a cheap fill-up is by using an app. Just plug in your starting point and destination, and MapQuest will come up with different routes you can take that aren’t only less expensive, but also faster.

It’s especially useful if you have a large vehicle because it doesn’t just calculate miles per gallon—it takes your car size into account as well.

(For example, if your car gets 20 miles per gallon, it won’t list stations where you can buy 20 gallons of gas.)

Like Waze, MapQuest is mainly a mapping and navigation app. However, it can also help you find the cheapest gas stations along any route you’ve plotted out. You can filter the list of prices by location and fuel grade.

MapQuest is ideal for commuters. You can save your home and work addresses as favorites in the free app. Then it can automatically update prices at all local gas prices along your route each day before you set out.

Price: Free

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