10 Best Websites To Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria


Gift cards are a money-making opportunity virtually everywhere, and Nigeria is not an exception to this rule. Gift cards, which can be both physical and digital products, have money already loaded onto them so that the recipient can use it to buy other things.

They make it possible for you to provide someone with the chance to shop offline (in stores) or online (also) for anything that piques their interest. It is interesting to note that in some circumstances, they can also be added to certain mobile wallets or traded for certain cryptocurrencies.

If you are seeking websites or platforms where you can buy, sell, or redeem gift cards online, the following list will provide you with the best options for selling gift cards in Nigeria.

As a result of this, if you are a Nigerian and you are seeking methods to redeem or sell your cards, then you do not need to look anywhere else because there are several sites that already exist that allow you to do this without any difficulty.

As a matter of fact, several of these different platforms appear on the internet on a daily basis. Research indicates that the global market for gift cards will be worth $619.25 billion in 2019, and it is anticipated that this figure will increase to $2076.51 billion by the year 2027.

When viewed from the inside, this signifies a significant amount of money being sent back to the brands and companies that provide these services, which, in turn, leads to an increase in consumer loyalty.

Here on techlittleblue, let’s have a look at the top sites that make it easy to redeem and sell gift cards in Nigeria.

Let’s get started…

List of the Top Websites in Nigeria for the Purchase, Redemption, and Sale of Gift Cards Online

1. Coinlodge

This is an online marketplace that is expanding at a rapid rate, catering to crypto communities as well as gift card buyers. Coinlodge is well-known for its competence in exchanging value gift cards for Naira, and the company has been in operation since 2018 conducting business in this field.

Because they are a company that is dedicated to providing first-class services, they provide you with the ability to trade your cryptocurrency and gift cards in a seamless manner both locally and internationally.

This lowers the likelihood that you will become a victim of online fraud. Coinlodge has one of the best rates when compared to the other websites listed below; you can check rates and start trading your gift cards on this website.

You can redeem the top gift cards from stores such as Apple Store, iTunes, Amazon, Steam Wallet, Google Play, and eBay, among others. Coinlodge is listed here.

2. Cardtonic

Through the use of this platform, you will have the ability to sell gift cards in Nigeria with ease. It is well recognized that their website for exchanging gift cards is one that is secure, dependable, and uses double encryption. They can be accessed on the web, as well as on Android and iOS devices. According to the feedback of previous customers, they provide some of the greatest prices for gift cards in the country. Furthermore, using their platform, one is able to sell gift cards in just a few minutes and receive paid immediately.

Cardtonic is able to accept a wide variety of gift cards, including those from the Apple Store, iTunes, Amazon, Steam Wallet, Google Play, eBay, Walmart, Sephora, Nordstrom, Best Buy, Nike, Macy’s, Gamestop, Xbox, Vanilla, G2A, American Express (AMEX), Foot Locker, Visa, PlayStation, and other retailers. Cardtonic makes it possible for you to sell gift cards in Nigeria in as little as five minutes and have your payment ready for you at that point.

3. Patricia


You may buy and sell gift cards from anywhere in the globe on this platform, which is one of the most prominent ones for gift card trading in Nigeria. You may receive gift cards from international retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Sephora, and more by using Patricia. On this platform, gift cards are advertised according to their dollar value; however, it is noteworthy to note that when you make a purchase as a Nigerian, they only charge you the equivalent of the Naira value.

In addition to that, redeeming gift cards through this site is a breeze.

Consider the following: immediately following the completion of each successful purchase, a code will be issued to your email address. This code can then be used to redeem the value of any gift cards that you have purchased. Additionally, Patricia operates as a Bitcoin exchange. They make it possible to purchase Bitcoin in Nigeria and offer assistance in storing acquired coins in a Bitcoin wallet.

4. Prestmit

Have you ever been confronted with difficulties when attempting to exchange gift cards for cash in Nigeria? If that is the case, you have arrived at the right place. When compared to its rivals, Prestmit offers one of the few truly outstanding gift card trading services available anywhere in the United States. If you have never used this platform before, the easiest way to learn why it is the finest site to sell gift cards in Nigeria and other digital assets such as cryptocurrency is to visit their website.

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Visit www.prestmit.com to get started, and after that, set up your account with just your email address and a password that is completely unique to you; however, don’t forget that your email address also needs to be confirmed.

After that has been taken care of, you will be able to begin exchanging gift cards and will need to check back in a few minutes for an update. In addition to this, you will be notified of transaction updates by email as well as via push notifications.

It really is that easy! Aside from the opportunity to take advantage of special pricing for gift cards, customers can make purchases on the Presmit website with full confidence that their information will be protected by cutting-edge security measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA).

In addition, customers who don’t like making purchases on websites can also use the company’s mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android.

5. Paxful

Paxful Homepage

This is a platform that allows users to buy and sell digital currencies directly with one another. Paxful gives users access to over 350 different payment options, such as debit cards, gift cards, and more, which can then be used to buy cryptocurrencies and convert fiat currency.

It is believed that more than 3 million users have used the Paxful Wallet to send and receive more than 40,000 BTC as of the date of this writing. In addition to this, they include cutting-edge safety measures, which positions them as one of the most reliable wallets not just in Nigeria but globally as well. Therefore, there is never a situation in which one must choose between convenience and safety. One last point to mention, Paxful is a haven for con artists, which means you have to be extremely careful about who you trade gift cards with on the platform.

6. CardCash

Through the use of this online marketplace, you will have the ability to sell unused gift cards in return for cash or trade them in for another card. CardCash is a lucrative alternative for selling your collectible playing cards, with the potential to raise your earnings by 11%. According to the feedback that I’ve seen, this is one of the best online retailers in Nigeria that deals in gift cards.

7. Gift Card Wiki

Gift Card Wiki is a market that gives you the opportunity to turn your gift cards into cash by selling them. They provide a platform that is simple to use in addition to a number of different ways to make payments, such as wire transfers and mobile money transfers.

8. Gift Card Granny

The purchasing and selling of gift cards is the primary focus of the website known as Gift Card Granny. They provide a platform that is simple to use in addition to a number of different ways to make payments, such as wire transfers and mobile money transfers.

9. QuickCash

You may turn your unused gift cards into cold hard cash by selling them on the QuickCash website. They provide a process that is fast and simple in addition to a wide variety of payment choices, such as mobile money transfers and wire transfers from banks.

10. Cardpool Ref – Giftcash

Cardpool is a website that specializes in the purchase and sale of gift cards by both individuals and businesses. They provide a quick and simple method for selling your gift cards, and you can choose to get paid by PayPal or a check.


In conclusion, if you want to sell your gift cards in Nigeria, you may do so quickly and safely by using any one of these ten websites. These companies provide a number of alternatives to match your needs, including the ability to convert unused gift cards into cash as well as the option to sell gift cards for a profit.

Or put it differently, these are the most well-regarded websites in Nigeria for buying and redeeming gift cards. Therefore, whether you have Google Play Cards, Sephora gift cards, iTunes gift cards, or any other form of established relationship with these websites, you should sign up with them and begin selling your cards for Naira as soon as possible.

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