The market is flooded with wireless bookshelf speakers, so finding the best wireless bookshelf speakers under $200 can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for.

However, if you start by looking at the features that make up the ideal wireless bookshelf speaker, like Bluetooth connectivity and an integrated CD player or radio tuner, you can narrow down your search to just the right speaker pretty quickly.

Fluance RT80i$199.9
Sonos Play 1$199
Creative I-Trigue 30$119
Edifier R1700BT$159
Dayton Audio B652 Air Series$84.99
This table explains the different prices for the Best Wireless Bookshelf Speakers Under $200

Keep reading to learn about some of the best wireless bookshelf speakers under $200!

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Fluance RT80i

The Fluance RT80i is a high-performance bookshelf speaker that offers incredible value for its cost. The audio quality of these speakers is comparable to much more expensive options, making them an excellent choice for both audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

It offers an impressive frequency response range of 49 Hz to 24 kHz, with a very robust bass output, which is ideal for listening to bass-heavy music.

These speakers are easy to set up thanks to their Bluetooth capabilities and can connect with your smartphone or tablet through NFC pairing.

If you’re looking for a great pair of bookshelf speakers at an affordable price, look no further than these ones by Fluance.

They have been designed with quality sound in mind and at such a reasonable price point, it’s hard to find another option that will match their overall performance.

Sonos Play 1

The Sonos Play 1 bookshelf speaker is, at its core, a little black plastic box with an ethernet jack and a power plug. But you’d be amazed how much sound it pumps out, especially for its size and price.

If you want to start building your own wireless speaker system around one of these speakers or are looking for an inexpensive way to set up background music for a party, there are few better options than Sonos.

The only potential downside is that it doesn’t have Bluetooth, but most wireless devices don’t have Bluetooth built-in anymore anyway (so you probably won’t miss it).

Creative I-Trigue 30

If you’re on a tight budget, Dayton Audio’s Air Series will get you great sound without a big price tag.

The B652s offer a more natural and well-rounded sound than smaller speakers with five 3.5-inch woofers designed to give you superior low-end performance with an overall frequency response of 40Hz–20kHz.

Topped off with 1 silk dome tweeter, these bookshelf speakers are best for people who value detail over thumping bass.

You can connect up to three pairs of Air Series at once for louder sound or if you want 5.1 surround sound for your media player; only one unit needs to be plugged in for that feature to work, however.

Edifier R1700BT

The R1700BT is one of my favorite bookshelf speakers for use with a turntable. With its long-throw woofer and silk dome tweeter, it sounds much more expensive than it is.

The speaker comes in two colors: black and white. Both are equally handsome and well built, although I am partial to white because I think it stands out from a bookshelf better.

That being said, either choice will fit into most decors. They’re even relatively lightweight at 5 pounds apiece so they can easily be mounted on a wall as well if you have space constraints like me.

Another bonus? The speaker has Bluetooth capabilities so you can connect to it wirelessly with your phone or computer.

Dayton Audio B652 Air Series

The Dayton Audio B652 Air Series is a pretty basic model in terms of design, but its sound quality more than makes up for that.

The speakers are capable of delivering clear highs and mids, plus plenty of bass for filling up your living room with music.

At less than $200 per pair, you get a lot for your money here. They’re an excellent choice if you’re looking to fill a room with rich sound without breaking your budget.

They work great as Bluetooth speakers, too!

The only downside is that they’re quite large, which can be a problem if you have a small room to fill. They’re also not built for durability, so you’ll need to take good care of them.

Final Thoughts

best wireless bookshelf speakers under $200

If you’re in need of some good, affordable bookshelf speakers for your home stereo setup, then we have listed a few recommendations for you.

Our choices are all under $200 and can produce some serious sound. let’s discuss what makes a quality bookshelf speaker:

A woofer for deep bass and mid-range drivers for clear treble should be your first priority.

Most of these speakers also have tweeters built in to handle high-end frequencies; one speaker on our list has separate tweeters, however, which is always a nice touch.

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