If you’re like most tattoo artists, you don’t want to deal with cords when doing your work. The best wireless tattoo machines help you focus on the job at hand without having to worry about tangled cords.

Whether you’re into large-scale or fine-line work, there’s a tattoo machine here that will fit your needs.

Best of all, they have some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in their class, so you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth! You won’t find anything better than these wireless tattoo machines that will be listed in this article.

If this is something you want to explore, then keep reading…

Few things to Consider before Purchasing a Wireless Tatoo Machine

This section will help you consider all that you need to know about a tattoo machine and make sure you have that information, so you don’t make the wrong choice.

You will probably want to review features, check customer reviews, and get answers to questions before making your purchase.

Purchasing a tattoo machine can be confusing with all of them on Amazon, so be sure you know what your needs are beforehand.

Here are a few Guides Towards Making the best Purchase:

  • Always go for the best in features so you can get the best quality and satisfaction, so you won’t have to switch to a better one anytime soon.
  • Always check out customer reviews. Reviews from different customers who have used a certain product will give you a better idea of how the usage of that particular product will be no matter how well packaged it could be by the company. Even this was mentioned in one of my articles where I reviewed the best wireless bookshelf speakers under $200, You can also check it out.

One thing is for certain though; wireless machines are more comfortable because they do not require cords attached to a power source.

This makes them easier for artists who spend long hours at conventions or trade shows because there is no cord in their way of drawing clients into their booth.

Wireless machines also tend to be smaller than traditional ones; some of them can even fit in a purse or little backpacks too if needed.

Best Wireless Tattoo Machine Compared by Prices

WINK CNC-X-WE$469.99
FK IRONS FLUX$1,399.95
This table shows a list of different wireless tattoo machines and their prices


If you like playing with large-scale designs and blackwork, Dragonhawk’s MAST (Majestic All-Star Tattoo) Archer is a professional quality machine that doesn’t come cheap.

But it has a 12x12mm coil and an impressive 4,400 counts per inch. It also comes with six needle guns (1 round liner, 1 beveled liner, 2 shader guns, 1 shader round tip, and 1 shader flat tip), all of which are made of surgical steel.

There are 16 built-in flash patterns and 13 solid color rotary disks that you can use to create your own effect.

The maximum power on a single full charge is an impressive 5W. This means you get faster line speed than most other machines out there.


A tattoo machine is an integral part of every tattooer’s kit. It’s also one of those tools that can make or break your body art career.

Don’t skimp on a mediocre piece, and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on something you know will do you right.

After all, it makes sense to invest in top-quality equipment if you want to produce professional-grade tattoos. With that said, let’s take a look at some of our favorite wireless tattoo machines.


If you want a wireless tattoo machine that’s both affordable and reliable, your best option is HAWINK CNC-X-WE.

This needle-in-tube tattoo machine comes with single-coil vibration which makes it extremely quiet as well as eliminates tangled cords.

It has an automatic shut-off when plugged in which protects from power surges. You can control the speed of needle movement with a motor and have a separate power switch to make sure there are no interruptions in your work.

The built-in LED light allows work even on darkest nights without causing any harm to the eyes or skin by UV rays. With its versatility and affordability, you won’t go wrong with HAWINK CNC-X-WE!


While many tattoo artists swear by traditional machines, others are finding these technological advances to be more comfortable and efficient.

The SPEKTRA FLUX allows artists to do either style of work; it comes with a removable cord, is powered by 18 volts, and has a maximum output power of 7.5 watts.

Artists love how portable it is and say it helps them work longer. It’s also exceptionally quiet, which makes life easier on both parties when working on a client in close quarters—like in a tattoo shop!

It’s even quieter than some corded devices that cost 10 times as much! If you’re thinking about buying your first tattoo machine, read our guide on all things wireless.


If you are thinking about getting into doing some tattoos at home, then you will need a tattoo machine. The best professional quality machines out there can cost upwards of $400, which makes it quite difficult to justify taking that leap into tattooing.

But if you have been researching tattoo machines recently, and have read our guide on how to choose a tattoo machine, then we are sure that you will be looking for something affordable instead of buying overpriced products.

If you want to find a cheap but good quality machine, then FK Irons is your first choice. We believe in building better machines than any other company in their price range.

The only thing more important than finding a great tattoo machine is finding one that suits your style of tattooing.

With that in mind, many artists are choosing a wireless tattoo machine that gives them flexibility and freedom to create.

Many experienced tattoo artists will agree: Nothing compares to being able to draw on paper and then get into position with their machines without having to worry about cords getting in their way.

What is the easiest tattoo machine to use?

When choosing a tattoo machine, there are many factors to take into consideration: brand, price, needle selection, power source, etc.

One of these is comfort and ease of use. The best tattoo machines will be user-friendly so you can spend more time focusing on your art instead of struggling with your tools.

A lot of artists prefer wireless tattoo machines because they’re easier to set up and easy to keep clean during tattoo sessions.

If you want an easier experience with fewer cords and attachments all over your work area—and if you want to be better at staying on task during those long appointments—it’s definitely a good idea to invest in a quality wireless machine.

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