In this article, we answered the query Can you get an Apple tv on Android, and how to go about it?

Apple Tv can be described as among the three most popular streaming services provided by Apple and is also among the two services that are accessible on platforms that are not Apple.

The service provides users with access to various content options which include games that are available from Apple’s iTunes Store and Apple TV+ originals.

It is also available on a range of non-Apple-branded devices and operating systems like games consoles and smart televisions along with streaming sticks.

Apple is well-known for stopping its apps from becoming accessible on rival platforms such as Windows as well as Android.

You can’t get apple tv on your android device, but you can still watch the tv using the web on your android device and this works for only chrome and firefox browsers by signing in your Apple ID.

However, these limitations are different in the case of subscription services. For instance, Apple Music is available on Android.

The Apple Music app is now available on Android. This shouldn’t be surprising, considering that Apple would like to attract more users to compete with services such as Spotify or YouTube Music, both of which are also cross-platform.

A little about Apple Tv

Apple TV’s Apple TV experience on Android isn’t without its restrictions, including it is impossible to download programs and later watch them.

There’s also the issue of streaming using the mobile browser that could cause issues with buffering or frame rate.

Although Apple hasn’t made any moves to address these issues by making an app available it has parental control on Apple TV+ through the internet.

This will ensure that children that have an Apple TV account will be provided with only the appropriate content for their age.

To configure this feature to set this up, go to Apple TV on your phone. Apple TV website on an Android phone, and then sign in to the account which has restrictions.

Tap the account icon on the upper-right and then choose Settings. Go to the Parental Controls and then switch on the switch next to content restrictions.

Users must now enter a four-digit passcode as well as a recovery email to ensure they don’t remember the passcode.

Choose the desired age range under the TV Shows and Movies section. Apple claims it is because Apple TV+ retains parental controls across all browsers that an account is signed into.

However, these parental controls aren’t carried over for the Apple TV application on Apple as well as non-Apple devices.

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