Email marketing is one of the most effective and affordable ways to reach your target audience, but you have to get people on your list first.

If you want to grow your email list, try implementing these 8 effective ways to grow your email list fast. From sharing exclusive discounts with subscribers to including sign-up forms on your homepage, these techniques will help you bring in new subscribers without breaking the bank.

so let’s get right in

Give them a free offer

While it’s definitely important to have an amazing lead magnet, you don’t necessarily want people landing on your thank-you page right away.

One of the best ways to grow your email list is by giving something away for free and directing people to a thank you page.

That way, they’ll enter their email into a form, but then see that there’s more info needed.

This tactic works better than straight-up asking for an email address because visitors are in a mindset of getting something for free before seeing that there are strings attached.

This also gives you a chance at building trust with your prospects and increasing conversions as well for your business.

Leverage your current subscribers

How will you cope with new subscribers when you find it difficult to leverage the current ones? well’ except you are a magician.

Honestly, you need to Look for ways that you can get your current list members engaged so that they’ll want to share your content with others.

Whether it’s a contest or a simple thank-you for signing up, there are many creative ways you can leverage your current subscribers.

Make sure, however, that you’re sending high-quality content before any of these tactics become effective.

No one wants to share bad content, and no one is going to sign up just because they have a chance at winning something nice (unless it’s something very valuable).

Instead, focus on providing great content and asking nicely—they might be more inclined to help if you offer them something in return!

Put yourself in front of people who would be interested in what you have to say

This is one of our favorite ways to grow an email list. Not only does it help you build your list, but it helps you with something else: building authority in your industry.

If people start seeing your name everywhere and hearing about what you have to say, you become a valuable source of information.

Eventually, when someone’s looking for help or information on a topic that you’re an expert in (or know everything about), they’ll come knocking at your door instead of just Googling it—and that means money for you.

And even if all those people aren’t interested in buying from you directly, their friends might be once they learn who YOU are and what YOU have to offer.

Create urgency

It’s always smart to think in terms of just-in-time marketing—that is, marketing that happens right when your prospect needs it most.

In some cases, that might mean showing up at precisely the moment they’re in need of help or information.

In other cases, it could mean waiting a while before you reach out and timing your email around a specific action they’ve just taken. It’s not as hard as you might think, either.

Once you get started, you’ll realize it’s not just a great way to keep your list intact—it’s also a powerful opportunity for relationship building.

Write good emails with excellent calls-to-action

Depending on your strategy and target market, you’ll probably have a different goal for each of your emails.

Set goals based on your metrics (be sure to measure) and make sure you include an easy way for people to sign up for something when it makes sense.

If you’re a B2B company, an email that says How can we help? will likely work better than one that says Want updates? If you’re launching a new product or service, send an email with a link.

Don’t make these too difficult—remember, these are designed so people can subscribe without breaking their workflow—but don’t be afraid to play around with how calls-to-action look and feel.

Reach out personally (but not too much)

The easiest way to grow your email list fast is by connecting with people you know in real life. If someone you know is interested in what you do, ask them if they’d like a link to sign up for your mailing list or newsletter.

You could also mention that you’re having a special launch sale (or offer something else relevant) and that folks on your list will receive first dibs.

Just make sure not everyone gets an email from you every week, as that can quickly become annoying—and unsubscribe!

Ask other influencers, websites, and friends to share your content

More sharing leads to more eyeballs, which means more people will see your content. Asking other influencers, websites, and friends to share your content is a quick way to build an email list fast.

When you’re just starting out building your own audience on Twitter and Facebook, you should know that they don’t make it easy for people who aren’t big brands.

Even if someone wants to share your content with their followers (which they might not), it’s often better if you just do it yourself from their account.

This allows you to interact with their audience directly via comments and by tagging them in new posts.

Be consistent (daily blogging will help)

Post something on your website every day. Nothing works better than daily consistency; even if no one sees your posts, you’ll be creating a habit of posting things that will help with building traffic over time.

Posting once a week is better than not posting at all, but if you want to grow an email list quickly, you need to get on a posting schedule so readers can plan their days around checking out what you have to say and be notified when new content goes live. (If you don’t post regularly, consider using MailChimp’s Auto-Schedule feature—this will send scheduled emails at specific times.)

What is the best way to grow your email list?

Start a free giveaway. Free is always a great price, and people love free stuff, but there’s a lot more to giving something away for free than just asking for email addresses in exchange.

When you create an incentive for your readers by giving them something of value in exchange for their contact information, you’re also communicating your value proposition: I have something of value to give you; sign up and I’ll give it to you.

You should continue communicating with your audience post-giveaway with additional content that they find valuable—and that they can only get if they subscribe (and share).

Make sure it’s relevant and helpful, then keep that momentum going.

How do I promote my email list?

Start by telling your community about it. Don’t be shy about self-promotion; if you want more subscribers, you have to make it known that you want them.

Then—and here’s where a lot of people get stuck—take action and actually drive traffic to your email list signup page.

For example, try cross-promoting on social media or asking colleagues for guest posts that contain links back to your site (as opposed to those awful articles with no clear value).

If you’re really strapped for time, consider using an app like MailChimp or AWeber to manage your email list.

You can even use automation rules based on customer behaviors, which are excellent ways of increasing open rates.


If you want people to hear from you, they’ve got to be able to find your messages easily.

People who sign up for your email list are making a commitment; if they can’t find a way to opt-out of your communications in one simple click, it will be more difficult for them to remove themselves from your list.

Give people that option by including an unsubscribe link at every point where their contact information is collected.

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