The fitmax smartwatch has been called many things – amazing, life-changing, innovative, even futuristic. It’s a device that tracks your heart rate, calories burned, sleep habits, and more. While this may seem like another run-of-the-mill health wearable, the fitmax offers some unique features that set it apart from its competitors. We’ve got all the details in our complete review of the fitmax smartwatch and fitness tracker.

fitmax smartwatch

Introduction to FitMax

FitMax is a well-known fitness brand in India and has produced some of its finest products. The FitMax smartwatch is one of those products that are from their extremely popular Smart-Fit line of products. With a name like FitMax, you can be sure to expect nothing but quality for your money spent.

This product is just about a year old and was able to establish itself as one of India’s top fitness trackers even though there were many alternatives available at a cheaper price range. To save you some time and effort, here’s our FitMax SmartWatch review which will give you all relevant information regarding whether or not it should be considered as your next purchase.

What is Fitmax Smartwatch

The FitMax is a new device that promises to make you healthier, but is it legit? Learn about all of its features and how they work. Whether or not you should buy one depends on your fitness goals. If you have no interest in tracking your sleep patterns, heart rate, and other stats then save your money.

If you want something that looks cool and makes working out more fun (because who doesn’t?) then continue reading! We’ll help you decide if it’s worth a purchase or if it’s just another marketing ploy (spoiler alert: we think it could be both!) Check out our entire product review below.

Design, Battery Life, and Charging Options

The main reason I wanted to try out a fitness tracker was to see what kind of real-time information it could deliver. The overall design is good and it actually looks like a watch, which means that you can wear it with any kind of attire. It has multiple charging options (you can charge it with wireless charging or use a micro USB cable).

The battery life is also pretty good. You get 5 days worth of battery life in normal mode and 2 days in power-saving mode. Overall, my impression of its design, battery life, and charging options is definitely positive.

From my perspective, I’d say that it has a very sleek design. The band is made of rubber and it’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time (you may have to remove some links in order to get a better fit). Also, you can use multiple ways to charge your device. It has a small built-in battery that lasts up to five days depending on how you use it.

What are its key features?

Key features of FitMax include tracking steps, distance, calories, and blood pressure. There is also a built-in pedometer. With one touch of a button, it will send an alert to your phone if you are above or below your goal for any of these categories. It can be worn in water up to 50 meters, making it perfect for swimmers or those that enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving.

In addition to tracking your fitness data, FitMax also offers GPS and navigation capabilities. With just a push of a button, you can find directions to an address in your contacts list. The GPS is especially helpful for cyclists, hikers, or those that enjoy traveling by foot.

Once you set up your route on the app prior to your walk or ride, you will automatically receive turn-by-turn directions on how to get there. This means never worrying about getting lost while out exploring new places!
FitMax’s three-axis accelerometer tracks distance based on steps taken when walking or running.

Price, where can I buy it?

The price of the FitMax H8 is $123.99. You can buy it from Amazon. For details click on the link
Features, what can it do? – Second Paragraph: The main features of FitMax H8 is heartbeat monitoring, blood pressure, steps climbed, and much more. It has good battery life to work up to 8 days at a stretch.

Final Thoughts
The FitMax SmartWatch is a unique device that blends fashion with function and adds several other useful features. It’s attractive, comfortable to wear, and surprisingly powerful for a relatively low price tag. Those looking for an alternative to other fitness trackers on offer will love how easy it is to get started using one of these devices.

The only concern might be over battery life as they can’t really compare with some of their peers when it comes to long-term usage without charging. However, because of its affordable cost, there’s nothing stopping you from picking up multiple models to keep charged in multiple locations around your home or office space – keeping them close at hand when you need them most.

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