Now you have the ability to share music with your Facebook friends through Stories! I know, right? This feature allows you to add up to three songs at once, and it looks pretty darn cool too! And luckily, adding music to Facebook Story couldn’t be easier, so let’s get started! Ready? OK! It’s time to learn how to add music to Facebook Story!

How to Add Music to Your Facebook Story

If you’re trying to make your Stories more immersive, adding music can be a great way to do it. With new soundtracks and effects, you can really get creative with your stories and start telling stories in ways that others just aren’t right now.

Here’s how: Open up your camera, hit record, and then swipe left until you find effects. In there, you should see an icon that looks like a musical note—that’s where all of your soundtracks are stored. Select one and press play so that it starts playing with whatever else is going on in your story.

More easy Ways for Android, IOS Users:

  • At the top of your Facebook newsfeed app, either on your android, IOS click on create story or Add to story.
  • Tap on (Music) at the top to start a new blank post with music. After doing this you can also choose a photo or maybe a video depending on your mood from your camera roll and then add music later on.
How to Add Music to Facebook Story
  • After doing this then you can now select the song you want to add to your story, but I don’t think you can actually add your own songs from your gallery for now. Once you click on this you will be given different songs to choose from or you can also search for the song you want to use.
How to Add Music to Facebook Story
  • Once you have the song chosen, Facebook will automatically make the post a music post with that particular song, and thereafter you can decide to change the background or maybe leave it that way, but if you don’t like the background just simply click on the colored dot at the top side of the screen to choose a different background color, or tap the “Effect” option in the bottom left-hand corner to change the filter.
  • Then lastly you can now click on “Done” and boom your new story is live.

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