Receiving spam messages, calls, or emails is quite common nowadays, especially on mobile phones.

Don’t ignore them because they can lead to various issues such as phishing, spyware, ransomware, etc. Instead of signing up for newsletters from unknown companies or clicking links from spam emails, practice the security measure.

This article will show you how to block text messages on iPhone 7 to stop them from flooding your inbox.

Why Do You Need to Block Messages in Different Apps?

Receiving unwanted messages from an unknown person is irritating and risky as well. Email scams or messages on various apps may result in losing bank or credit card details.

With this information, fraudsters can easily steal your identity or withdraw money from your account.

If you’re receiving messages from unknown resources that claim to offer a high price for nothing, you can be the next victim of a phishing scam.

If that happens, you need to block email addresses on Yahoo or other online accounts.

Thus, it makes sense to learn how to block an email address on Yahoo. Let’s now understand the ways to block messages on iOS.

Block Messages on iPhone 7

Blocking unwanted messages is easier on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. For this, select the Messages app from the home screen.

Then, choose the required message thread. Now, access the Contact options by selecting the Contact icon at the screen’s top.

Choose the Info option and scroll down to the bottom.

Next, select Block this Caller. For confirmation, choose Block Contact.

If you wish to unblock, choose Unblock this Caller.

Block Messages via Messages App

This is another easiest way to block messages. Open the Messages app to access all conversations. Now, swipe to locate the message you want to block and click on it to open. In the upper right-hand corner, you will find a small round ‘I’ icon.
Click on this icon to access actions related to that contact.

Click on the Sender’s number and choose Block this Caller. Select Block Contact to confirm your action.

Block Text Messages via Settings App

You can block unwanted text messages using the Settings app. You can start this process by opening the Settings app. For this, swipe until you reach Messages and click on it. Choose Blocked by swiping down the Messages menu.

Then, click Blocked and enter the settings. Click Add New to access the list of contacts. Choose the contact you would like to block and hit on it. Block messages from groups but add contacts one by one.

Block Text Messages Not in My Contacts

Blocking messages or to block someones message, that are in your contacts is quite easy. But how would you block the text messages that are not available in your contacts? For this, navigate to Settings and click Messages. Scroll down to find and filter Unknown Senders and turn on the settings.

If you are using an Android device, click on the three-dot in your phone app and select Settings. Enable Caller ID & Spam under the Settings option.

Block Calls From Specific or All Numbers

To block calls from a certain number, ensure you have that number saved in your contact list.

Now, navigate to Settings, click Phone, and then tap Blocked. Click Add New to include a number to your block list.
To block all calls from all numbers, again go to Settings and click Do Not Disturb. Then, turn on ‘Manual’ and/or ‘Scheduled’. In case you change your mind and prefer receiving calls again, turn off Manual.

Block Spam Phone Calls

To filter spam calls, download the app to find and block spam phone calls. Navigate to Settings and click Phone. Press Call Blocking & Identification. Turn on or off the app. Click Edit and drag the apps in the preferred order.

When you get a call, your iPhone checks the number and compares it to the numbers listed in third-party spam apps. If the number is from a spam caller, block it manually on your phone.

How to Block Spam in Yahoo?

Go to the homepage of your Yahoo inbox. Choose the required message from a specific sender you would like to block by tapping the box on the left. Go to the top of your inbox in the toolbar and tap the three horizontal dots.
Choose the Block senders option and review the sender you want to block. Select the preferred settings for present and future emails. At last, click the OK button. It will block the spam message.

The Conclusion

You might be receiving several messages asking you to give your financial information or personal details. Or messages recommending you to earn lots of money in a day without spending any penny.

These are not real, but just the trap of fraudsters and may lead to several dangerous cyber threats. So, as you now learn how to block text messages on iPhone 7, you can try these workaround methods to prevent phishing risks and other threats.

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