When you’re trying to get in touch with someone on Snapchat, you’ll want to know if they’ve blocked you or not. In this article, we would show you How to Check if Someone Blocked you on Snapchat.

This can help you save time, and effort, and keep you from feeling bad about messaging someone who has no interest in hearing from you.

However, figuring out if someone has blocked you on Snapchat isn’t always simple because the app doesn’t give you all the details upfront like some other social media platforms do.

This guide will cover how to check if someone blocked you on Snapchat and how to respond if they have.

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Will Snapchat tell me when Someone Blocks me?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s any way for Snapchat to notify you when somebody blocks your account.

When someone who has added you as a friend blocks your account, it will remain in their friend’s list but they won’t be able to see any of your content.

They can still contact you via an outside platform such as text or email but cannot message with Snapchat unless they add you back as a friend.

Because of that, there isn’t really a way for you to tell when somebody has blocked your account—although I wouldn’t worry too much about blocking because if they are just trying to avoid direct messages then they probably didn’t want in contact with you anyway.

What Happens when someone Blocks you on Snapchat?

When a user blocks you, they are essentially creating a barrier between them and any friend requests or messages that you may send.

When sending a message, only three options will appear: Send Snap, Send Message, and Add by Username.

If you select Send Snap, nothing will happen. No notification of receipt or anything; it’s as if your message never happened at all.

The same goes for when they select Send Message–nothing will be shown in their inbox or sent back to your active conversation list.

Once a user has selected Add by Username, however, they will receive a notification that says so-and-so wants to add you.

How to Check if Someone Blocked you on Snapchat

If you have questions like how to see if someone blocked you on Snapchat? And how to see who blocked you on Snapchat? Follow the below techniques:

Note: Many sites on the internet are showing some methods that don’t work anymore. We’ll show all the methods and mention ‘Not Working’ with the methods that don’t work anymore.

  1. Check Your Friends List or Contacts List (Not Working)
  2. Search Their Full Name, Username, or User ID (Not Working)
  3. Look for Their Story (The Stories Method is Working)
  4. Check Your Recent Conversations or Chat History (Not Working)
  5. Send Them a Message from Chats (Working Method)
  6. Use Other Snapchat Accounts to Chat with Them (Working Method)

Check Your Friends List or Contacts List

If your friend is still on your contacts list, chances are they haven’t blocked you. Snapchat also won’t tell you who has blocked or unfriended you, but there are ways to see who has removed you from their friend list.

On Android devices, go into your Contacts List and select a contact. You can usually see how long ago he or she was last online and whether he or she is active on other social media networks.

On iOS devices, open your list of contacts and click Edit. Check whether your friend is online and on social media networks like Facebook.
You can also see when they were last online, which may be a hint that they’ve blocked you. If they are no longer in your Contacts List, that could mean they have deleted or removed you as a friend.

Search Their Full Name, Username, or User ID

If a friend has never blocked you, but you want to see whether or not they’ve blacklisted your username from their list of contacts, there’s a super-simple way to find out.

Open up Snapchat and tap their username or user ID—the blue text above their photo. You can see all of your mutual friends in a separate section below.

This is how others will know who they can send Snaps to.

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