If you are like other people who are also wondering how to delete POF account on android phone, then you are in the right place, because in this article we would show you how to delete a POF account on an android phone easily without wasting much time.

It’s very possible you now have a date or have finally had a great catch on whom you want to hook up with and you feel its no wisdom to allow your account to stay up there, whereas the reason why you joined in the first place has been fulfilled, so if you feel fo*lish about this, then snap out because you are making the best decision now.

When you sign up to POF also known as the Plenty of fish website, you will be given an application to fill which will entail, your hobby, aspiration, and most shocking your family too. Whoops! so if you ask me if it is worth deleting, I would give you a Typical YES, Well not because POF isn’t safe but because of trying to filter out disturbance from other people on the site too.

Well, POF (Plenty of fish) isn’t the only dating site that enables you to delete accounts permanently, so many others like tinder, and OKCupid also give you the ability to do that also. And Yes if you delete your account you can create a new one if there is a call for it.

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To delete your POF account kindly follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, to delete your POF account on Android, open the POF app and tap the Menu icon or you can locate the account deletion form
  • Tap on Settings, now scroll down to the bottom and tap Delete Account or if you are using the deletion form, just click on Delete Account
  • After doing this sometimes you might be prompted to enter your username and password to confirm the deletion of the account which doesn’t take time at all.

Do you think editing your account instead of pushing the Red delete button is better, well that answer is to you and it’s based on choice here.

Maybe you might want to later have an account on POF and don’t want to stress all about trying to create an account again, then this option will be best for you.

You can easily change all the sensitive information on there and put something temporary or even absolute, well some things you might not want to change are your age, and the reason for being on the platform but asides from that POF gives you many of room to play around your profile and even editing your bio.

Absolutely, yes you can also change your pictures pending the time of your inactiveness on the platform.

Editing your Plenty of fish account tends to be easier than you can imagine, all you need to do is to follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Plenty of fish account → My profileEdit profile.
  • After doing this you can then hover and play around with your profile and edit it as you wish to but make sure you don’t edit it to the extent you won’t be able to recognize your account when next you decide to use it.
  • Immediately you are done editing your profile → Click onSave changes at the bottom of your screen.

So you might ask, what should you put on my Bio, well then that isn’t a tasking Job, you can leave it with something simple anyways, examples below:

  • Hey, thanks for visiting
  • Yeah, will be available soon. Thanks
  • Presently working
  • At the Gym
  • Okay, none.

Having those as your bio gives anyone who visits your profile a better understanding of what is going on and will likely check back when you have a change of mind.

We aren’t saying our examples work best or will give you the best result because you also can try to play your hands around it and be creative but we advise that you don’t leave it blank.

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