Reading: How to Link my GLO Sim with NIN. Globacom Subscribers are now required to have a NIN before they can be connected to the service provided by the company.

After you have acquired your NIN and you’re ready to connect, you will be required to link your sim with your NIN in order to get your services activated on your sim card.

But how do you go about it? Well, if you follow this guide from start to finish, you’ll know exactly what steps to take to successfully register your SIM with a NIN and make use of the services made available through Globacom.

How to Link my GLO Sim with NIN

With the alarming rate at which sims have been blocked recent many persons have been trying to run a quick fix to their recently blocked sims and all.

How to Register for NIN

Have you registered for your National Identification Number yet? You can do so at any of the NIMC Enrolment Centres or any Gloworld Outlet near you.

Here is a summary of how to register for NIN at the NIMC Enrolment Centre

  1. Submit the NIMC Pre Enrolment Form online by going to the Pre Enrolment Portal,
  2. Download and print the Pre Enrolment Slip.
  3. Applying for an appointment at your nearest NIMC Registration Centre.

How to Link my GLO sim with a NIN

For those who have already registered but can’t remember their NIN, you should dial *346# on your phone to retrieve your NIN on your Glo line.

Method 1

Glo NIN Code for linking is *109# and it only works for only Glo lines. If you already have your NIN, just follow the steps below to submit and link it.

Dial *109*NIN# to submit and link your National Identification Number (NIN) on Glo.

Method 2

This process deals with you linking your NIN through the Glo portal and this also tends to be fast and helpful all you need is to follow through the steps below:

  1. Head over to the Glo world NIN portal
  2. Then put your details in the form box and also make sure they are filled correctly which will include: Your First Name, Last Name, Middle Name (which tends to be optional), Phone Number, National Identity Number (NIN), and an active Email Address.

Final thoughts

No worries now! That’s how to link NIN to your Glo line so you won’t have to worry about losing connectivity.

That being said, if you haven’t yet registered for your NIN, you can visit the enrolment centres and get on with it through the link that has been shared above. Happy activation!

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