With 3.1 billion digital video viewers across the globe, videos need to be an integral part of your marketing strategy in 2022. 

Video collages are a cost-effective and entertaining way to reach your target audience. You can share your video across multiple social media channels like YouTube, Facebook Live, or Instagram stories. 

Viewers want to know what a day in your life is like, and a video collage helps you do that. You can share events like weddings, vacations, favorite memories, or a story with your followers. 

How do you create a video collage and use it to boost your revenues? You’ll find the answer to this question in this blog, where we share a step-by-step guide to making professional video collages on apple or android devices. 

When you compile all your favorite videos to give your viewers or followers an idea about how much fun you’re having, you create a video collage. It includes short clips of your memorable moments to share your story with your audience.

Free online platforms allow you to create video collages through an amazing array of templates, music, or animation for a professional look and feel. 

An example of a video collage you can share on different social media platforms would be a collection of funny clips of your team member’s pets with peppy background music. 

The flow of the collage should be smooth, so viewer engagement is consistent. Choosing the right clips is essential for a greater impact. 

  1. Fantastic tool for telling a story
  2. Flexibility to use video clips for personal or professional work
  3. Expensive software or equipment is not required
  4. It can be promoted on different social media platforms
  5. Short and keep the viewer engaged
  6. It can be customized with voice-overs and text overlays
  7. Multiple products can be promoted through a single video
  8. Ideal for sharing your organization’s culture

Features of a good Video Collage Maker

The following features need to be present in your video collage maker:

  • Smooth Interface: The collage maker should be easy to operate with drag and drop features and a simple layout.
  • Templates: A wide range of templates to help you create a customized collage is vital
  • Rich Stock of Images and Videos: There should be a readily available library of videos and images.
  • Convenience in Publishing: You should be able to download your video and share it easily on various social media platforms. 
  • Preview Facility: Previewing the collage before exporting it should be possible so that making edits is easy. Checking the final output is important. 

Two things are vital to making a video collage:

  • A video collage software for selecting and merging multiple videos
  • A great song that fits perfectly with the central theme of your video collage

You can customize the music to the theme of your collage or purchase a song by paying royalty. Online platforms let you use a video collage maker on your laptop or mobile phone. 

Here are the five steps you need to follow to make a video collage: 

How to get Started

Before creating a collage, you need to sign up at the video collage software portal to create your free account. 

How to choose a Template

You can choose the template you need by clicking on ‘Video Collage Maker’ templates from the readymade templates section. You can choose from the variety of exciting templates available.

After choosing the template, you need to add relevant media to it. There are multiple images/GIFs, audios, and videos to choose from. Add animation and special effects to customize the video according to your requirements.

How many Templates are available

There are different templates available for designing a video collage online:

  • Videos with Stickers
  • Thumbnail video
  • Video Inside Device
  • Use Two Animated Images
  • Combine Video and Animation
  • Still Image College
  • Video Background Collage
  • Overlapping Collage
  • Side-By-Side Video Collage 

Here are the essential aspects of editing a video collage:

While editing, you can add text and shapes or make changes to the background. Design multiple brand kits with different logos and content and apply them to your video. 

If you have your own audio files and images, feel free to use those in your collage. Most software platforms have their music library with tons of different tunes. Whatever you choose, it should go with the theme of your collage.


Trimming, resizing, and cropping can be done with a single click when you create a video collage online. Making and editing a video with these online tools takes no time. 


You can adjust the duration while trimming. Keep the video short, between 1 to 30 seconds.

Drag and Drop option

Drag and drop photos, and don’t forget the CTA or Call to Action feature on your video. 

Additionally, feedback and inputs from your team can be shared too. This is when you can explore your creativity to the fullest, so experiment all you want. 

Once you are satisfied with the final output, click the Publish button. You can share the videos with your team for their feedback and input. 

Tips to having a good video collage

  • High-quality visuals: Use HD images for quality output
  • Text should not overshadow the visuals: Text and visuals should complement each other, so ensure your text does not draw attention away from the visuals; use a font like Roboto or Playfair Display to make the words stand out without affecting the images
  • Color Consistency: Keep the same color combinations for images and videos
  • Right Layout: Your choice of layout would depend on the platform you want to promote your video; the video clips and images you want in your primary theme also influence the type of layout
  • Stickers and Overlays: For higher engagement and the possibility of going viral, use stickers and overlays; if you want to send e-cards or promote a new product, overlays and stickers are ideal
  • Edit With Care: Ensure that the images and video sequence is in the right order, play the video to check the flow, and proofread your text to ensure the video looks professional without careless mistakes. 
  • Exporting the Video: Export the collage in HD quality to ensure the same viewing experience regardless of the medium used

Final thoughts

Video collages generate a higher engagement since the viewer feels they are a part of your family. You can be innovative and combine relevant video clips on your apple or android devices to make a collage that stands out from the competition.

Create a professional video collage and watch your followers grow on social media channels like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc!

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