You are about to send out another amazing message to a group of contacts on your phone and you don’t want that list to get lost in the mud as time goes on and you then wondered what if you could name that group.

Well, we are here to show you how to name a group text on android and name it to something you can easily remember.

It is possible to create groups of users who communicate via messages via text on Android phones. 

It’s a simple process. To add a person to your circle, click the menu icon and add contacts. You’ll be asked to fill in their names. 

To form an entire group of people it is necessary to first enter their contact numbers. You can also make use of the contact numbers on their individual phone numbers. 

After you have included them, you can then schedule texts to a specific date and time.

Text messages for groups are available to Android users via The Messages app. The users of Samsung phones can use Samsung Messages as their default messaging application. 

To send text messages to groups make sure to press your thumb while you select the message. Be sure to select the “send to only sender” from the list “reply to sender only” option from the menu. 

After that, you can type an email and click send. Each person will be notified of the group text message each one by one. The recipient will see the response in the conversation.


To change the name of a group text First, choose the group you wish to change the name of. For this to be done, launch the messaging app on your smartphone and choose the group you want to rename. 

  • Click the ‘Group Name’ icon
  • Enter a unique name for the group
  • The name you choose will be displayed to all. 

It is the name that people will see whenever they make a post to the group. You can also upload photos or save a photo. Additionally, you can add Emojis and Memojis within your group’s text.

  • After selecting the group SMS or iMessage message then open the conversation
  • After that, tap the info icon located in the upper-right corner of the screen
  • Select ‘Group Information to change your group’s name. chat group. 
  • The group can be named and help people to remember. 
  • To change the group’s name text on iOS you’ll have to follow the same process the same way as for Android.

How can I receive group texts on Samsung? First, you need to establish the group’s contacts. Once you’ve completed this, the next step is to set up an account for your group. You can add up to 20 contacts to your group. 

When you’ve got them all just put their names in the “Groups” field and tap “Add” to create the group. 

Once you’ve created contacts, you can send group text messages to them by using the Compose feature of the application.

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