How to use google Trends for Keyword Research


It’s another time of the year when we don’t have to buzz around arguing about the best keywords to use in order to scale your business or YouTube channel to the next level because we just want to get right into this and break the ice.

Shall we?

Okay, good. In this article, I would show you how to use google trends for keyword research either as a blogger or a YouTuber who is looking to grow their channel following and views.

In fact,

This same tool helped us to grow our blog organic traffic by 83% in 40days and the result was tremendous if you ask.

But what is this google trend everyone is talking about?

What is Google Trends?

According to Wikipedia google trend is a tool owned by Google that analyzes the popularity of top search queries in google search across various regions and languages. Pweee! That is enough. Getting too long already…

As the name implies it’s a tool owned by Google that helps you find popular keywords for your business, blog, channel, or industry.

You can use google trends to sort out the following;

  • You can use google tends to sort out what is trending in your industry
  • Also good for geographic search trends and also local trends.

For example, the “wordle game” which is popular now didn’t start trending until 2021 imagine those who caught the trend and wrote killer articles about it?

How to use google trends for keyword research

Sure they would be swimming in traffic till now because if they have great content, they should still have their pages on the top SERP right.

Enough of the explanation let’s just dive into how this tool work.

Shall we?

But before that here are key things to pay attention to so you can use the tool efficiently without any hustle:

Above We have the country section where you can select which region or country in which you would love to do research whilst you can set it to worldwide if you don’t have a particular county you are targeting.

The date section is where you can do your research or analysis on date variance. This means you can see how far or long a keyword has been doing in the SERP over a period of time.

Here is the category section, this section enables you to make your research based on your niche or area of expertise.

Remember I told you earlier that this tool can also be used for either web or YouTube—here is the section when you can switch the knob-based on your type of research if you are a YouTuber, you will want to switch from “web search” to “YouTube search”

And that is all for the basics…

So let’s get right into the tricks to getting this keyword that will make you rank your site in no time and also blow up your youtube channel.

How to use google trends for keyword research

To begin your research with google trends you want to head over to google and type in the search box “google trends” just like this:

If you notice closely you will see that the first results are ads by google so you want to scroll down until you find google trends like this:

Provided you have seen it, what you then need to do is to click and start your research.

After you click on the link you should have a page like this with the blue background which says Explore what the world is searching for.

Right now I want to assume you are in the cat niche as a blogger or YouTuber and we want to search for “Cat food” and see what people are really searching for.

I will just head over to google trends and type in the search bar “cat food” and see what comes out.

Also, take note that if you are using it for the first time the location is set as your present country location and you can decide to change that with the illustrations I gave above.

After typing in the keyword the first thing that comes on your screen is the interest over time for that keyword.

Note: Google trends do not show volumes for keywords, it only shows percentages of how the keyword is performing in google search.

We also have a section that shows us related topics to our search query or keyword, We can ignore this for now.

Note: To get more from google trends you need to put in seed keywords rather than broad ones. I will explain why later on.

Also, we have where it says related Queries which is what we are looking for.

If you look at the image above you will see a section where it’s written Rising with a drop-down arrow, if you click on that drop-down arrow it would show you an option to click on the top or rising, as seen below

When switched to top it shows in the percentage of 0-100 which shows relevant seed topics for that query but we aren’t using that so let’s switch back to Rising because that is what we need.

On the right side of the image, you will notice there are some English and mathematical Figures attached to each query.

The first query keyword is “Collect cat food Fortnite” I know this isn’t indirectly in the cat niche but more of the gaming niche but if I was to be in the gaming niche I would write on that and expect to get some cool traffic.

The second query says “Cat food shortage 2022” which is a nice keyword to write about in that niche.

Talking about the figures:

1. Breakout in google trends means it’s above 5000% and it’s an exploding topic for that season.
2. For the figures anyone higher than 700% is good to write on.

With the arrow, you can get more keywords to write on and never get out of topics.

The way google trend works is very simple, just type in something related to your niche and explore the trends.

But also put in mind that some keywords gotten from google trends tends to be seasonal, meaning it’s possible it’s trending for that period and falls off after a month or more.

After getting your keywords, this article here will show how to optimize your content for a good ranking.

Using google trends comes with being creative, if you still don’t understand how to use this tool then watch this video below.

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