Prequel Cartoon Filter has received billions of views and continues to draw people in with its cartoon-like features.

There are many filters and TikTok trends that come, reach the pinnacle, and fade out on a daily basis.
Now that Prequel Filter TikTok is the trend, it’s time for it to take the spotlight.

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What is Prequel Cartoon Filter?

Commonly used in TikTok, the Prequel Filter is actually a cartoon filter.
It’s like a webtoon or manhwa filter that is currently liked by a majority of social media users, so more and more people are creating TikTok videos using it.

This includes a Preset and Filter and has over 2 million followers on Instagram.
So far, from what we know, you install the prequel app from the app store or play store. With the prequel app, people can select any type of photo like of animals or inanimate objects and the app will transform them into their cartoon selves.

Some people have even taken to posting videos on prequel filters to explore what they would look like as cartoons. That way, the people in the video can be whatever cartoon character they choose to be and get to explore what it would be like to live that cartoon lifestyle.

Prequel Cartoon Filter

Lots of the users noted that this preset filter made their eyes look bigger and more alluring and made their skin appear smooth and free of blemishes.

However, some social media users have been known to use this filter to see if they turn into the villain or protagonist of the story. Once they see videos like this, they’re even more likely to have their own cartoon avatar that’s very cute and appealing.

Just by choosing from their mobile photos from the gallery or by taking a new on-the-spot photo, they can quickly and easily get the desired photos of themselves.
These prequel videos have garnered nearly 2.4 billion views on TikTok, which surely piques interest.

This is why people are even more interested in making their own prequel video with their own cartoon character and to be able to share it with their friends and family members as well as to make them laugh out loud. Not only that but they can also get thousands of likes and comments from other users who are also fans of the prequel filter.

How to use it?

A cartoon filter has always been a simple way to give something a cartoon look, so a prequel cartoon filter is no different. In many cases, you want to create an animated effect on what was once considered to be a static object.

One of the main differences between prequel and sequel cartoon filters is that you need to know when and where each was used in order to take full advantage of them. It’s not enough for someone to simply know that they have these options available.

You need as much information as possible about how these tools will change your results before giving it a shot yourself—otherwise, you’ll have no idea how well it works for your project or what kind of finished product you should expect.

Are Prequel filters free?

Yes and no. The Photoshop prequel filter is a plugin that you can download for free. But, if you want to edit your photo before applying a prequel filter or other filters, you’ll need to purchase Photoshop or some other image editing software.

After all, it’s free on TikTok so why bother?

After all, it’s impossible to apply a filter before editing an image if you don’t have access to Photoshop (or similar software).

Bottom line: While there are free prequel images available online, they don’t allow you total control over your final product; until you have access to an image-editing program of some kind, that is.

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