It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday, and if you’re an American football fan, there’s no better way to celebrate the big game than getting into the action with your friends! And what better way to get in on the action than with Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares?

rocket mortgage squares

Rocket Mortgage has created squares for the big game, so you can put your money where your mouth is and feel like you actually have a stake in the outcome of the game! Here’s everything you need to know about this fun take on traditional squares pools.

The Basics

Yes, that is an ad, and yes it is for Quicken Loans. As with most ads during professional sports championship games, it’s all about selling a product.

In this case, it’s Rocket Mortgage. So what’s that? Well, according to Quicken Loans…It’s an entirely new way of buying a home. Say what?

That sounds kind of like mortgage shopping online has been around for quite some time (and it has). But there is something new here…Rocket Mortgage wants to make applying for a mortgage easier than any other service out there.

It says so right in its name—it’s designed to help consumers fly through the process quickly and painlessly while still offering plenty of customization options.

How To Play

It’s pretty simple: Just fill out a 10-square grid with each square containing your predicted score of one game. (The corner squares are reserved for predicting a tie.)

Make sure you fill out all 10 of your squares before Sunday! For example, if you predict that Team A will beat Team B by three points and Team C will beat Team D by four points, then in those specific rows, fill in 7 and 5.

The numbers 1-10 indicate how many points above or below 0 a team will win during their matchup. (For example, if we say that New England is going to beat Jacksonville by +5, that means New England should win their game by five points.)

Tiebreaker rules – Once you’ve filled out your squares, find a friend and grab some snacks. If more than one team in your row (or column) wins their game by an equal amount of points, then there is a tie. In that case, whoever predicted it first goes on to win! Whoever picked last will be forced to do dishes… or some other fun penalty.

The Winnings

The grand prize is a million dollars and there are plenty of secondary prizes as well. So, how much does it cost to play?

For $2, participants purchase a square for each quarter and then get their friends and family members to buy more squares.

Why more squares? More people mean more potential winners! For example, if 15 people in your social circle buy a square and one of them wins during that quarter, each of them will split that quarter’s prize of $250,000 with you.

This seems like a lot of money so why not get 25-30 people in your network involved?

Tips For Your Picks

In order to win, make sure your picks represent a divisional matchup (e.g., Patriots-Steelers or Seahawks-Cowboys).

Points are awarded based on what happens in each contest during game day. So, if there’s a player that throws two touchdown passes during any regular-season game, then every square that represents their team will receive two points.

The same goes for defense and special teams as well: Anytime they record a turnover or score a touchdown, everyone with them in their squares wins two points.

There are also bonus points available if there’s an overtime period in any of these contests — one point for each quarter played.

What are the best squares to pick in football pool?

The 50-50 lottery square is a long-time favorite of football pool players, and it’s certainly a safe bet.

For example, if your friends pick their top 10 favorite teams and half of them go on to win their game that week, then everyone in that pool wins (assuming they picked at least one team correctly).

The odds are heavily in your favor here, but you’re also guaranteed to lose every year if you play enough times. This might be a good square for beginners or people who aren’t very familiar with football.

It allows people to learn which teams they like and don’t like before getting too deep into betting pools. And remember: The most important part of any bet is how much money you put down!

How do you know if you won the Rocket mortgage squares?

According to their website, there will be a 2-minute countdown that starts just before kick-off.

You’ll get an update on your smartphone app or computer dashboard if you have one of those.

If not, check back here or on your favorite social media channels. We’ll be sure to let everyone know how they are doing as soon as we find out! Remember, don’t forget to pick out your squares beforehand!

The game might start late due to extended half-time coverage. Don’t want to miss out? Make sure you enter before halftime and start looking for your square during halftime.

Better yet – make it a party and invite friends over! There will be more than one winner in each pool and more than one prize per winner.


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