Email is still the most favored way of distributing important documents and reports. Unfortunately, these delivery methods have deep inherent flaws, namely lack of protection and the dangers of insecure transmission.

However, despite risks and difficulties, given its ease, almost every organization employs email to distribute its content as a primary document distribution method. Hence, it would be best to look into a secure document distribution solution to reap its benefits.

The Many Issues with Distributing Documents Electronically

Sharing PDF files and documents online in the form of invoices, statements, and other dunning letters is commonplace. But because these files are of a financial nature, they contain sensitive and classified information that must not be distributed to unintended users.

Hence, distributing your documents electronically through email could leave them open and exposed, resulting in devastating consequences. Therefore, it is compulsory to use a reputable document security system to prevent your documents from being exposed to the public and even sophisticated levels of infiltration.

If your PDF files and documents are not managed properly, you could lose track of who is accessing them and what’s been done with the contents of your files. Furthermore, several document security measures such as passwords, file-sharing platforms, and plugins can easily be overcome by hackers.

Hence, it’s crucial to leverage the security and management advantages of the correct document security solution to overcome the problems of electronic distribution and enable efficient operation.

Why DRM Scores Over All Other Document Security Solutions

While plenty of document security options are available, the only proven secure document distribution solution is digital rights management [DRM] DRM. With DRM, you can distribute your documents securely without the need for password protection or other weak security methods.

However, suppose you have been using passwords to secure your PDF files before transmitting them. In that case, you may be surprised to know that they can easily be hacked into with simple password-removing applications found online.

Besides, a permitted user could share the password with others and render your protected documents useless.

On the other hand, mere encryption does not protect your files from unauthorized access. That means your PDF documents can go to unintended users without your knowledge.

Furthermore, once your PDF files are decrypted, any user can do what they like with them, such as modify them, alter, delete the contents and even claim ownership over them. Even Adobe permissions or restrictions can be easily bypassed or removed.

That is why DRM offers you licensing options and complete control to lock your documents only to authorized users. In addition, only DRM gives you the ability to control how your documents are viewed and prevent copying, editing, printing, screen grabbing, and other forms of content sharing.

Benefits of Using DRM for Secure Document Distribution

  • Improved security: Regardless of whether you’re looking to secure documents within your organization or at home, DRM can keep your sensitive data protected at all times. You get complete control over your classified information and who can access the documents at a granular level. You can even provide controls at the folder level for various groups or individuals when needed. In addition, DRM gives you an audit trail of document viewing, printing, and access. You can also automatically expire and revoke your documents at any time.
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance: Specific documents may have complex compliance requirements. If these requirements are not met, they could lead to revoked licenses, penalties, and even criminal liabilities. DRM solutions eliminate the risk of non-compliance as it conforms to strict security and privacy guidelines.
  • Better document retrieval: It can be time-consuming and hassling to search and retrieve documents. With DRM, you benefit from a time-saving and efficient tool. It can help you recover files quickly and enable access to sensitive data. You can also benefit from accessing documents remotely or offline anytime and anywhere.
  • Easy collaboration: With a suitable, advanced DRM, you can easily access the data and collaborate information. You get greater visibility of your business processes and benefit from improved workflow monitoring. DRM gives you the ability to remotely revoke access, and monitor external users’ access whenever needed.


Transitioning to a digital rights management system can help you eliminate data security errors and free up your valuable time concentrating on income-generating and business-critical areas.

The right DRM solution will help you simplify the management of your valuable data and streamline your business processes. If you’re looking to stay productive and competitive, it’s time to purchase a trusted digital rights management solution to keep your documents safe and profitable.

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