What are the skills and qualifications you need to be a Senior UX/UI Designer? What does your day-to-day life as a senior designer look like? Fear not! You can find out all about this in this article, which features one of our own senior designers and their job description.


$91k–160kper year

What is the role of a UX/UI Designer?

UX/UI designers in Green Pixel Studios are responsible for creating high-quality user interfaces and user experiences for games, apps, websites, and other digital products.

They work with the product team to design and develop prototypes and then test them with potential users to ensure that the designs are effective and attractive. In addition, they may be responsible for creating documentation or working with others in the team to create guidelines or best practices for user interface design.

How do you become a senior designer?

If you have a degree in Graphic Design, then your path to becoming a senior designer is pretty straightforward. However, if you don’t have a degree in Graphic Design, there are a few ways you can become a senior designer.

  1. Find a company that is looking for a senior designer and apply.
  2. Find an agency that specializes in senior design and offer your services.
  3. Learn as much as you can and become a certified senior designer. This can be done through online courses or by attending various conferences.

Regardless of how you become a senior designer, the most important thing is to keep learning and expanding your skillset so that you can continue to create high-quality designs for your clients.


What would your work day be like as a senior UX/UI designer?

Designing and developing user interfaces and user experiences is a challenging and rewarding process. Here’s a look at the day in the life of a senior UX/UI designer at Green Pixel Studios:

Most mornings start with a meeting with the team to discuss upcoming projects. From there, I might start working on wireframes or Mockups with other designers on the team. Once those are ready, I’ll start testing with users to make sure everything looks and works as intended. After that, it’s off to design pages, screens, and flows for our upcoming projects!

Sometimes we’ll work on projects collaboratively with other studios within Green Pixel, but most of the time we’re working completely independently. That means I need to be very efficient with my time so that I can deliver high-quality designs on each project.

Overall, I really enjoy working on projects that help people interact with our products in new and exciting ways. It’s amazing to see people using our products and know that I was a part of making that happen.

Different phases of a project

Design phase: In the design phase, designers will create high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes to test and validate concepts. They will also help the team create a vision for the product.

Marketing phase: In the marketing phase, designers will develop and test marketing materials, such as website designs, videos, and landing pages. They will also work with the company’s sales team to increase awareness and interest in the product.

Operations phase: In the operations phase, designers will work on maintaining and improving the product while it is in use. This may include fixing issues or developing new features.

What are the toughest aspects of being a Senior UX/UI Designer?

The toughest aspect of being a Senior UX/UI Designer is balancing the creative aspects of the job with the technical aspects. UX and UI designers must be able to understand how a product works and what needs to be done to improve it while also keeping in mind the aesthetics of the design.

Additionally, they must be able to work with other departmental members to ensure that their designs are cohesive and meet the company’s goals.

Job Description

Green Pixel Studios is an in-house user experience team charged with pushing the envelope on user experience design in digital.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about envisioning experiences that push imaginative solutions to enable the bank’s clients to fulfill their financial dreams.

The Senior User Experience (UX) Designer will work on the Digital Banking team to create best-in-class digital experiences. The ideal candidate should have an eye for design and possess superior UX/UI skills.

This individual should be able to translate user experience needs into requirements and transform them into intuitive and engaging user interfaces.

The position will contribute to creating and aligning user experience across a variety of platforms and devices for Citizens Bank.

This individual should have the ability to work independently and in a collaborative team environment.

Primary responsibilities:

  1. Create wireframes, mockups, user flows, prototypes, process flows and site maps to effectively communicate interaction and design concepts
  2. Collaborate with internal and external partners to conceptualize ideas and implement compelling customer-focused solutions across all digital touchpoints
  3. Work through fast-paced iterations and feedback as requirements progress and prototypes increase in fidelity
  4. Initiate and conduct user experience research and testing – Motivate, inspire, and influence others in the organization to engage with design thinking and best UX practices – Participates in identifying and defining strategic initiatives as well as supporting those efforts
  5. Work in a fast-paced environment with competing priorities Qualifications Required Skills/Experience:
  6. Must be able to work on Eastern Standard Time (typically 8:30-5:00) – Have at least 5 years of professional experience in the software/design/digital world
  7. Recent experience in UX roles ~ 5+ years – Proven UX/UI experience with a strong portfolio – Proficiency with design and prototyping applications such as Sketch/InVision and Adobe Creative Cloud
  8. Experience and/or familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – Excellent visual design skills with a high sensitivity to user-system interaction – Ability to present your designs and sell your solutions to various stakeholders
  9. A broad understanding of web/mobile UI standards, usability, and practical experience in the design and development of user interfaces for web and mobile applications. – Strong prioritization skills and ability to quickly re-prioritize in a dynamic environment, manage multiple projects at the same level of detail
  10. Knowledge of ADA standards for UI – Bachelor’s Degree in design, human-computer interaction (HCI), or equivalent professional experience
  11. Experience with Agile Development strongly preferred Hours & Work Schedule – Hours per Week: 40 – Work Schedule: Mon-Fri, 8:30 – 5:00 #LI-Sourcer1 #LI-Remote Some job boards have started using jobseeker-reported data to estimate salary ranges for roles. If you apply and qualify for this role, a recruiter will discuss accurate pay guidance.

Why Work for Us At Citizens, you’ll find a customer-centric culture built around helping our customers and giving back to our local communities.

When you join our team, you are part of a supportive and collaborative workforce, with access to training and tools to accelerate your potential and maximize your career growth.

Equal Employment Opportunity Citizens, its parent, subsidiaries, and related companies provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all colleagues and applicants for employment without regard to age, ancestry, color, citizenship, physical or mental disability or perceived disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, genetic information, genetic characteristic, marital or domestic partner status, a victim of domestic violence, family status/parenthood, medical condition, military or veteran status, national origin, pregnancy/childbirth/lactation, colleague’s or a dependent’s reproductive health decision making, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other category protected by federal, state and/or local laws. Equal Employment and Opportunity Employer/Disabled/Veteran Citizens is a brand name of Citizens Bank, N.A., and each of its respective affiliates.

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