Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Updated: Snapchat has announced that their popular Easter Egg Hunt game will be not hold in 2022.

Well, If this news has disappointed you, there’s no need to wait around this weekend wishing the Egg Hunt would come back because Snapchat has other awesome activities for you to enjoy.

What is Snapchat?

Just like facebook and Instagram, Snapchat is a multi messaging app around the world which most users use for great looking pictures.

The very first version of the Snapchat application was created in September 2011 which has given birth to great updates.

Snapchat is so great and famous that it has more than 190 million users every day.

It’s another time for the Easter egg hunt, very soon users will now be able to locate digital eggs which are hidden amongst popular landmarks around an area. which uses “Snap Map Feature”

“Get set for an exciting egg hunt this weekend as Snapchat is launching its annual egg hunt – that can be played on the Snap map,” Snapchat said on it’s post lately.

Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2022

This game basically requires to search for eggs by simply tapping on any eggs you find and adding them to a basket.

Although all streets aren’t filled with roses so you will have to compete with friends to earn more eggs and too the games leaderboards by Snapchat.

If you are familiar with the Pokemon Go-style games you would then have an idea of what this game seem to be all about. In this case you would make use of your phones camera to source for eggs around and then add then to your basket.

This game has been popular for a while now, if you played it before then you would understand that in the past years users or players would have to thoroughly search Thier local areas for eggs but this time it’s different because you can now okay this game from the comfort of your home.

How to play Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2022

  1. To play the Easter Snapchat egg hunt 2022 you will need to tap on the camera and swipe down to fully access the snap Map for Snapchat.
  2. Then you can search near world famous landmarks for eggs as said earlier and then tap on any eggs to add it to your great basket.
  3. Once the game starts then you can collect many eggs as possible as you wish tho. The interesting aspect of this game is that you can also tap on the basket to start a mini game.

Well, Starting at 2pm on Easter day and ending at midnight the next day, you can play from home with Snapchat letting you virtually travel and enjoy the mini hunt from anywhere in your locale.

Your total score will be tallied in the upper-right corner of Snap Map, along with your global rank – and rank among friends.

Also you need to understand that some person’s will actually have more eggs than others or definitely you might be the one who has the more eggs which makes it that they would be a winner.

But also you can decide to play this game on privacy mode and you want to decide not to use Snap Map, then you can play the game in privacy but this won’t make your scores visible to your friends tho just only you.

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