Tesla light show model 3

Tesla proved to the world that it’s not only cars they are good at, but also other innovative things and ideas. One of these instances would be their unveiling of the newest model in their lineup—the Model 3. The car was showcased in an extravagant light show event, which took place in Los Angeles, California on Friday, October 28th. The event was called The World’s Largest Drive-In Theater and the video was shown before the Model 3’s big reveal has over 10 million views as of this writing!

Tesla light show model 3

What is Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is an electric car developed and manufactured by Tesla, Inc. It was announced in 2016 and was introduced in 2017. The base model costs $35,000, making it Tesla’s most affordable car yet. Features include semi-autonomous driving and supercharging capability. The battery range for new versions of the vehicle is 320 miles per charge and 500 miles per charge for long-range models.

How did they do it? The Tesla light show model 3

Not long ago, Tesla unveiled its Model 3—the company’s first mass-market car. The unveiling went smoothly and everyone is raving about how amazing it looked (which seems like an obvious statement). While there were plenty of photos taken at the event, Tesla posted a GIF to their official Twitter account that may just be one of our favorite marketing tools to date. The GIF shows off several cool points about electric cars, including Electric cars are quieter than gas cars which means you can listen to music without headphones or disturb your neighbors; You can recharge your battery by plugging into any outlet in your home, and they handle really well in cold weather—thanks to instant torque.

The new car’s specs

After Tesla announced its newest vehicle, The Model 3, it is only natural that there are a lot of expectations. People expect that it will have great specs considering that its predecessors were all bestsellers. Because it’s going to be mass-produced, people expect that Elon Musk and his team at Tesla are sparing no cost to make sure that they create a successful model.

However, what many people don’t know is what are those specs? What kind of features will it have? As an entrepreneur myself, I think that one of its most important features should be safe since we need our products safe for us and for everyone else as well. We can’t just put our cars out in the market if there are risks involved when using them.

A behind the scenes look at how this was done

Tesla put together an amazingly large light show to show off its new model 3. This includes a unique spiral pattern that draws attention to the vehicle’s path. One of our readers recently wrote in to ask if we knew how they made it. With some help from BTS footage, we were able to reverse engineer and recreate their vision into an easy-to-follow tutorial! #tesla #model3

First, they calculated where they wanted to place each light and traced out an outer ring in chalk. After removing all of these lines, they covered all of their work so far with thin paper. They also used thin paper to cover any lights that weren’t part of the final design.

You can see some of these early preparations in one of our favorite parts: watching them try and place small plastic sheets onto tall metal poles using nothing but duct tape! This is important because, if you look closely at one of our images from before, you’ll notice that there are tall poles in both sets. What’s even more impressive is how quickly they were able to put up these lights. In under ten minutes, hundreds were already hanging from every single pole at once!

A call to action for Tesla to open its patents

Tesla has done what no other electric vehicle company has been able to do: grow its product line without taking on any additional debt. That success is only possible because of Tesla’s vertically integrated business model, which allows it to produce many of its components in-house. For example, Model S uses over 2,000 individual parts that are produced by Tesla, including most of its battery packs.

However, because of patents protecting key features like its LiDAR-free autopilot and ride-sharing network (Tesla Network), competitors can’t use these technologies. As a result, they have to develop their own versions of the—features that will likely take years longer than if Tesla allowed them access to its technology through licensing agreements or open sourcing.

How to get the Tesla Model 3

Car enthusiasts have been counting down to March 31st, which is when Tesla unveiled its latest addition to its fleet of electric vehicles: The much-anticipated Model 3. And while it’s not yet available for purchase, people are already lining up at Tesla stores around America to be among those first in line. So if you’re thinking about buying one and want some help getting through those long lines, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to get your own Tesla Model 3 as soon as possible.

When you visit a Tesla store, you’ll be greeted by several employees ready to help you with your purchase. But if there are more people in line than workers available, things might get hectic. Keep calm and act politely—you don’t want to lose your spot! It may be helpful to have cash or check on hand since most stores don’t accept credit cards for deposits or purchases yet. However, some areas will accept debit cards. We recommend asking about that before you arrive so that you don’t get stuck without access to funds if it isn’t accepted at your local store.

Features of the Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Roadster has been at least partially responsible for reigniting interest in electric vehicles. And, as of late last year, you can get your hands on Tesla’s newest and most affordable car yet: The Model 3. Now that it’s finally available for purchase to consumers, Tesla is putting on quite a show, lighting up their new car using LED lights. Not only does it look really cool—but it also reinforces how sustainable and environmentally friendly Teslas are! A revolution in cars is unfolding right before our eyes… and all we have to do is watch to see what happens next. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Tesla’s future!

How much does the Tesla Model 3 Cost

The Tesla Model 3 is priced starting at $35,000 before incentives. If you live in a state that offers rebates or tax breaks for EVs, your cost could be even lower. In California, for example, residents can receive up to $2,500 in rebates.

Meanwhile, buyers in Georgia get a tax credit of up to $5,000 and Washington buyers can claim up to $3,000 back on their taxes as well. As with most new technology products these days (think smartphones), Tesla is launching its car first in more affluent markets where people are more likely to want it and be able to afford it. But rest assured: The price tag will drop dramatically as production ramps up and Tesla gains economies of scale.

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