Just as confusing as it might seem to you right now, I was also in that same shoe, not until I researched and knew the meaning of this silly Abbreviation “ISO”. Well, it’s not that bad your understanding, and believe me, it’s worth knowing.

In this article, I would explain to you what the Abbreviation ISO means and how you can use it immediately after learning.

What Does iso Mean on Facebook

Honestly, I was mocked too and called a Chip of an old block just because I didn’t know the meaning of this ISO of a thing, and guess what, I was busy writing content for you, so you don’t miss out on any information, but I guess this is worth my time.

So, What Does IOS Mean?

IOS can mean several different things like ISO means “In Search Of,” which is what you want to know because this is only used on Facebook, and it could also mean “International Organization For Standardization”. I guess you aren’t shocked by the last one?

The truth is the main meaning of ISO is (International Organization For Standardization) and this is the only legal one for now I can say, but I’m not saying it is illegal to use it else where.

Imagine having to type every minute all in the name of keeping a conversation with friends, families, and even customers online, like ouch!!! my finger hurts already just trying to imagine my life without abbreviations.

This is why Facebook users or generally online users came up with an abbreviation called ISO which stands for “In search of”.

I know you are about to ask what is the term ISO is used for on Facebook? which brings us to the next outline.

What is the Term ISO used for on Facebook?

So, the first time I heard about this term I thought it was used for searching stuff on Facebook or anywhere, not until I knew it was an action term.

Let me explain better what I mean. Imagine typing ISO on FB and it brings out a whole lot of options like gifs, emojis, and all of that kind of things, but No that is not the use, it is just an abbreviation for a post, message, or what have you.

For instance;

In Post – Hey guys, I mistakenly burnt my Laptop charger today, and I’m “ISO” a quality one, anybody who knows who sells?

Example of ISO used in Post

In Message – Hi Joy, how are you, Please can you help me with a new phone case whe n coming home?

Joy – Okay Sis, “ISO”

Example of ISO used in Message

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