So, what does the yellow heart mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat may be an incredibly popular app, but there are still some things that seem confusing to newcomers, including what the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat means.

The yellow heart can be used by friends to show each other they love or like each other’s stories and snaps, but how exactly does it work? This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the yellow heart on Snapchat so you can use it to strengthen your relationships with the people in your life who matter most.

What does yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat

A yellow heart next to someone’s name in your friend’s list means that person is at least one of your Best Friends.

If a user has multiple Best Friends, there will be multiple yellow hearts next to their name. If you can see any other Snapchatters in your best friends list, that means you are not in theirs.

To add more people as best friends, hold down on someone’s name so it turns blue, and then click add best friend.

what does the yellow heart mean on snapchat

After that, it takes about 24 hours for both users to show up as each other’s Best Friends. For some reason, if you do not have any best friends it won’t let you hold down on anyone and make them your best friend! A little bizarre huh?

How to get the yellow heart On Snapchat

Once you’ve reached your friend limit, you’ll want to keep track of your BFFs. To do so, tap their name and select Add to Favorites, I think that is the only fastest way.

Once they’re in your favorites list, you can save them so that they appear as a colored square instead of a blue star.

A friend saved in green is one who has added you back; a friend saved in yellow is someone whose snaps you have yet to view or watch again after opening them, and a red square means it’s time to stop stalking and hit unfriend.

They won’t know that their life status has been downgraded from blue star to red box until they try and add you back—then it’s too late!

Another Way to Get a Yellow Heart

To see what it means to have a yellow heart, we turned to Snapchat’s own support page. According to their info page, you can get a yellow heart by adding someone who is already following you or sending someone a photo that makes them smile.

However, if your picture gets lots of views and likes, it will likely be removed from your followers’ story feeds and go into their Best Friends folder.

If you want people to keep seeing your stories, make sure that you are posting relevant content that people want to watch regularly!

Why is there Only one Yellow Heart for all our Snaps?

The yellow heart (also known as a favorite) is a snap that you have opened and viewed. If someone sends you several snaps in succession, all of those will have a single favorited heart beside them until you look at them.

Once you’ve looked at one snap, you can swipe left to reveal any unopened snaps for viewing and favorite if desired.

All favorites show up in your view-edits section of your stories screen – tap on it to see all of your snaps that others have favorited.

People who add or heart an image or video with their finger are choosing to share that particular photo or video with everyone who views their story, so be careful what content you share!

Only you can see all of your favorite snaps, and only you can favorite photos and videos.

Final Words

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to using Snapchat. But if you read through our guide, we’re sure you’ll have no trouble getting around. What do you think of your research experience and what will be your takeaways from researching, writing, and editing all within an hour? Share with us in our comment section below!

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